2008 Ford F250 4x4 with flatbed and custom ATC camper in SF Bay area


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I’ve decided it is time to sell my truck/camper combo after having bought it from dirtydog about 2 years ago; I’m going to be touring on my bike this summer and I’ve never really needed the 4x4 capabilities of this truck; the only real time I’ve used the 4x4 was during a day long 4x4 class down in southern california! I haven’t even used it much on dirt roads, I don’t think I’ve put even 100 miles on dirt roads, the 20k I’ve put on have been highway miles when I’ve been on road trips; mainly for using the truck as a base camp for mountain biking.

The kids are getting bigger so if I get another camper/rv at some point, will probably need to be something bigger. This was my first truck, let alone 4x4; in the end I think I still prefer vans over trucks - though this was quite nice to use!

I registered the truck in california(oakland) as a passenger vehicle, which mainly means the registration costs are less and not based on weight; but means I cannot drive without the camper on the truck which is fine for me…

Price: $30,000

Build thread by previous owner: http://www.wanderthewest.com/forum/...l-terrain-campers-wtw-flatbed-edition-thread/

Flatbed setup thread by previous owner: http://www.wanderthewest.com/forum/topic/4214-ute-flatbed-for-ford-f250/

Sale thread from when PO sold it to me: http://www.wanderthewest.com/forum/topic/7185-sold-custom-atc-flatbed-camper-ford-f250/

More pictures at: https://spideroak.com/browse/share/tex/truck4sale


2008 Ford F250 Super Duty 4 Door EXT Cab 4WD
73,3XX miles
Power windows, locks, and mirrors.
5.4L V8 SOHC 16V (not diesel) MPG on my last trip on I5 to Los Angeles averaged 11.5 going around 75MPH.
Seats up to 6; I carry 3 adults and 3 kids on trips.
Aftermarket 47 gallon Transfer Flow replacement fuel tank.
American Racing Wheels
Nitto Terra Grappler AT Tires (2 new as of 11/2014)
Leveling Kit
Skyjacker shocks
Firestone Airbags
Buckstop front bumper
Xtreme ATP Lamp Kit
UTE Aluminum Flatbed

Custom designed aluminum-framed pop-up camper built by All Terrain Campers in 2011. This camper is designed and built to be as light and strong as possible, allowing the truck and camper to access remote locations by 4wd. Upper and lower beds can sleep 2 or 3 people. I’ve had 3 kids in the main bed while I slept on the converted dinette bed and another person slept in the back bench seat of the cab.

Approx 20 gallon water tank
Electric water pump
Dometic Sink in drawer
Dometic propane flush mount stove
Engel fridge on a custom slide mount.
Dual battery system
Solar panel with SunForce controller
Propane furnace
2 large storage compartments with outside access.
Fiamma awning
Custom fabricated bike rack system for back wall of camper
AT Fuel Can Holder (have both a fuel can and a water can)
Set of nesting plastic blocks for use in leveling camper

Additions I have made:
wi-fi ranger go2 firewall/access point with Mobile Ti external mounted unit. Basically these are fancy access points that use external wifi (or a MiFi) instead of dsl or cable for the internet access. Optimized for RV’s and have various features to automatically find access points to use when traveling. Mostly used by full timer RVers with big rigs, but was useful when I was on long road trips but still needing to work.
Ford accessory power switch (1 of 4 switches used for the rear view camera)
Rear view camera with a nice rear view mirror mounted monitor
Front view camera (but haven’t gotten around to installing it)
2 HD dash cams, one external rear facing/one inside camper facing door for motion detection video recording when powered on in case the truck is broken into while parked at a trailhead. Powered off of the camper batteries.
Changed 2 mounts on the custom bike rack so can carry 2 fat bikes (fat bikes have wider front forks)

Will include the following unused repair/recovery gear:
desert tan Maxtrax MKII
hydraulic jack
48” red Hi-Lift jack with off road base and Lift-Mate
towing strap
recovery strap
2 piece shovel
Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor
I have a replacement flatbed drive side coaming on order, see the note below….
I have two Ute passenger side locking cabinets for the underside of the flatbed on order since December, but container from Australia has been delayed for over a month due to port strikes and such.

Important note:

The truck has been in one accident - the rear driver side wheel came off while I was driving down I5 to Los Angeles last Thanksgiving; this was due to the mechanics at the dealer not properly tightening the lug nuts; that trip was the first drive after the regular maintenance at the dealer.

While this was one of the scariest moments in my life, I somehow managed to get the truck to the side of I5 without colliding with anyone else. Ended up with 2 new rims(could no longer get the exact same rims as before), 2 new Nitto tires, replaced the disc brake and had repairs to the rear axle. The dealer reimbursed me for these costs and my hotel in Bakersfield while the repairs were done. Now have a spare Nitto wheel in addition to the original ford wheel.

The wheel flying off bent the rope ties attached to the flatbed side coaming, which also bent portions of the side coaming where the rope ties were attached; I have replacement rope ties but did not attach them as I do not use them. I have a replacement side coaming on order (since December!) from Ute, but it has yet to arrive. Would only need to be replaced if one is planning to operate the truck without the camper, and one wants to have the rope ties back on the flatbed. DSC00261 (Small).JPGDSC00249 (Small).JPGDSC00252 (Small).JPG


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Man, if I had the difference in $ I'd trade you my van for this setup.

Nice Jones too! I have a 29er setup for bike packing too, here it is during the first annual Coconino 250 in AZ.


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