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Started this project about three months ago, my goal is to build a 4 cyl. 4X4 into a great overland vehicle. Having built an FJ(BajaRack) I wanted to try a different Toyota. First and foremost with this 2.7l engine I have to very be aware of every pound of modifications and gear I put in it. My first priorities were suspension and some armor. Using the truck as a prototype Demello Offroad built an awsome rear bumper with swing out tire carrier and fuel can holders. We are still adding a few more things to it, a pin that locks the swing out into place when opened, and some lighting.

With the front bumper Demello modified one of their proven FJ bumpers, the one in the pics is the prototype. The production model will come out to be even with the side if the flares and will be available with no hoop, just the center, or a three hoop design. It will be sporting some Baja Designs lights very soon.

I have an Icon suspension in my FJ and it has more than proven its reliability, so it was my choice for this build. The system consists of front extended travel remote reservior coilovers and billet upper control arms and the rear has extended travel remote reservoir shocks and springs. I will post in the future on the performance of this set up.

I chose to put a hard shell (Leer 100R) for the security offered and that I can put either a RTT or gear on the soon to come BajaRack. I have a 2m and 3m awning already and will try of a Campinglab RTT.

I have a HEMA GPS enroute from Austrailia and I'm looking forward to seeing how their system works. The tires and wheels right now are off of my FJ and are 285-70-17's, I'll be switching them over to the stock steel wheels and 255-85-16 BFG KM2 MT's.
My future plans are:
Fridge either a Engle MT45, or ARB(nice write up in the OJ this issue
Lighting, Baja Designs HID's, and utility lights, maybe LED's
Dual batteries
S-pod wiring and switches
And all of the camping amenities needed.
Here are a few more shots of the truck and any feedback is welcome. Cris:costumed-smiley-007



cool looking truck! is that a SR5 package on your Taco with the color matched fenders? I too have a 2010 regular cab 4x4 but it has the unpainted overfenders.
how did your Taco do with the bigger FJ tires and wheels? any plans to do the TRAC mod? (engages the TRAC in 4 Low by cutting one wire)


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Looks great. I'll be watching this thread as you go for sure. Are you affiliated with BajaRack, or did you just work on there truck? What are your rack plans for this rig.



Yes its the SR5 package, with the lift of 3"s no problems with rubbing. Is there a link to the trac wire mod?


Yes I am affiliated with BajaRack at times. I'm going to have a rack that will cover the top of the shell and maybe some of the cab. As for the wire mod my truck only has LSD a rear locker is in the works. Here we are with my FJ at the Overland Expo this year.
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Took you long enough to get that rig here on expo, been following it on TacomaWorld for a while now.


Funny, I've been posting with the FJ on the "blue" board for along time, And then the Tacoma got me going on TW, but now I'm here. This site is more my style, I'm not a rock crawler, but I do like to explore. Got an email from HEMA about the GPS, here is their release.
Availability for international markets
The US based magazine, Overland Journal, has published a small press release in their summer 2010 edition on
the HEMA NAVIGATOR 5” with a published price of $869.
The HEMA NAVIGATOR 5” GPS is a very successful product in the Australian off-road navigation market as it offers
both street navigation and 4WD navigation and comes preloaded with all of HEMA’s award-winning 4WD and
topo maps including full coverage of the Australian outback.
In Australia this product has a retail price of $990. However, it has not yet been released onto the US or
international market. Early adopters are more than welcome to purchase it direct from HEMA’s Australian head
The export price of this product from Australia is US$800.00 (ex tax) with free international shipping (via FedEx)
included. Secure payment will need to be made prior to shipping.
HEMA will preload the device with a 12 month licence of Route 66 Street Navigation for your country of choice
according to availability from Route 66 but the purchaser will need to source their own local maps for the 4WD
Ozi Explorer and Memory Map applications. See www.oziexplorer.com or www.memory-map.com for more
information on additional maps.
Note that HEMA Navigator is NOT covered by an international warranty so any after sales support and service
obligations will be limited outside of Australia. Therefore should the unit need any repairs or maintenance it will
need to be returned to HEMA Australia head office at the purchaser’s expense, phone support will be available
during HEMA business hours with the cost of phone calls being at the purchaser’s expense.
See www.hemanavigator.com.au for more information.
Contact Details
Hema Maps
25 McKechnie Drive, Eight Mile Plains
Queensland 4113, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)7 3340 0000
Fax: +


Very nice truck! If I didn't have to worry about bringing the wife and offspring along, I would have a single cab or access cab too. :)

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