2012 Fuso FG price feeler

So I have a super clean 2012 FG that was purchased as a leftover in 2015. I have a dump cylinder, 14 ft. Aluminum Flatbed w rack Body/chamfered corners and a removable topper that makes it a box truck as well as a traditional tow bar set up on it. I have used it at my brewery to deliver beer to distributors and dump spent grain from the brewhouse. The truck never has seen a hard day of use in its life.
Stereo is upgraded w new Alpine head unit, xm, speakers ,amp and subwoofer. I put an ATW suspension on it w parabolic springs about 2500 miles ago ($7k) . I also had it wax sealed for corrosion resistance and all cavities filled w oil film. I have a set of super singles from ATW w good rubber that I purchased from a board member here. I have all original parts as well. I have it serviced regularly and all updates/recalls are done. I am considering changing directions and am trying to figure out a fair price if I were to sell it..has 14k miles on it and is stored in a heated warehouse....any input is welcome. I would sell without the dump cylinder and body or with.....
may keep it and build a camper on it but may do something with my ram as its an 11 pre def truck and this would be a second rv.../ promo vehicle