2012 Tundra Build - The Occupational Hazard

One of the benefits of working at a car store. My boss was trading in a Tundra he bought a few months ago, so we swapped intakes. You gotta love a free K&N intake.
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As for the tires, it'll be due for new sneakers in about 10k miles or less. I don't want to go too big and make the gas mileage worse than it already is. This is my daily driver. I will investigate going a little bigger next time, though.
Bigger diameter tires shouldn't negatively effect your fuel mileage. Higher weight will result in a small negative hit in stop and go driving, but the larger diameter will have slightly better rolling resistance.

The big hit comes from stiff casings and gnarly tread. 285/75/r17 is a good size for RW rims on the Tundra (33.8" vs ~32" stock) and should work fine with only minor trimming. I'd go for Dura Grapplers in that size if I had your rims. https://tiresize.com/tiresizes/285-75R17.htm
Tires are going to be either Grabber AT2s or KO2s. I had the Grabbers on my Xterra and I have the KOs on the Tundra now. I'm pretty interested in sticking with something that is "severe snow service" rated. Size remains TBD.

Wish this body style was still available! Great looking truck!
Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't need an extended cab by the time I get done with this truck. The 8 foot box isn't my style. My boss is already calling this one a "farm truck" and the long bed would be worse.
After deleting everything off my photobucket when they pulled their paid subscription crap, I had no photos in this thread. I just went through and attached some.

About a month ago, I finally got new tires for the truck. After 62k, the original KO2s were hosed. I replaced them with Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws. Severe snow service rated and $710 to my door. They are the stock 285/70/17 size, but the sidewalls seem to stick out a bit more than the KO2s. This gives my wheels a little more protection, but the right front actually rubs a little bit at full lock. In addition to the metric size, they say "33x10.50"

I'm very impressed with the performance in the snow, and if they last half as long as the KO2s, I'll call it a win for the price. Most other things are on hold with the truck until better weather, but I'll be doing Raptor Liner on the bumpers and step bars this summer, along with getting a body color matched grill surround intended for the Rock Warrior trim. The new TRD shocks seem adequate for what I do with the truck. I'll also hopefully be picking up some sort of cap for it this summer, since I do nothing with the truck that requires an open truck bed.