2012 Xterra Pro-4X auto VS 6SPD

currently I own 1998 Montero, thinking to get Xterra 4WD, however it apperas 6spd is hard to find, I was wondering if CVT in Automatic is reliable or should I try to find 6SPD.

do you have or see any issue with Xtrerra automatic? since I am buying it use?

Thx All
There is an issue with the auto but I am not an expert on it, there are several members in this sub forum who can explain the issue better.

For what it’s worth I have a Frontier in a 6spd and it’s great for what I use it for. Nothing but smiles from me about how it drives.
The automatic in the 2012 is NOT a CVT. It is a conventional 5-speed automatic. And it is just fine. Nothing wrong with it. If you really want to look for problems, you can find them in anything. But in the real world, nothing bad. Now a few years before that, there is a potential problem but it isn't the transmission itself. The cooler in the radiator is known to crack and leak coolant into the transmission usually destroying it. Generally accepted that in 2010 the problem was fixed so the 2012 is fine. There is an internet thing about bypassing the cooler in the radiator to prevent contamination but it can lead to overheating the transmission very easily. Most every burned up transmission has been caused by bypassed coolers.

Now the 6-speed. That is one sweet manual transmission. It is hard to find an owner willing to let it go. I have one, and I always get people wanting to buy it once they learn it is the 6-speed. If I wanted to sell it right now I can start a bidding war. If the 6-speed has a weakness it is the clutch does not accept being abused. I have over 100k on mine and at the rate I am going it will last to 300k+. But a bad driver who loves to slip it a lot, you can be doing clutches ever 10k. It's all in the driver.
As noted, the 5-speed auto box is good, if you bypass the radiator cooler just add a second air to oil cooler and monitor your temps.

The 6-speed manual is very nice. I have it in my Frontier. Works well with the motor and it's a manual transmission! Hard to beat that.
Thx for feedback. I will probably go with 6SPD if I can find low millage one. I really don't want to mess with automatic if it is required constant monitoring , etc,..

closes 6SPD is 150milles away from me and dealer is asking 30K with 27K milles for 15 PRO-4X. seems to be very high.
I just bought a 2010 6spd Off-Road with only 67k last week! Felt pretty lucky finding it! They are not as rare as I would have guessed, but definitely not easy to find. I just enjoy manual transmissions. I wouldnt hesitate to by an auto, especially if it's a 2010 or newer (when the contamination issue was supposedly ironed out). It's the same auto Nissan puts behind the 5.6l Titan, durability should not be an issue. If I owned one, I'd install and good transmission cooler for peace if mind and not worry about it.
Yes, the 6 speed is awesome, and if you like driving a manual you'll love it. But I would not have any reservations getting an Xterra with the automatic.
i have driven 2 xterras a total of 85k miles and never had any problems with the auto trans. the first, a 2010 model, i drove 50k miles in the United Arab Emirates, with over 60 trips into the Arabian desert. as you might guess, some temps were extreme, since we drove through the summers. present x, in Texas, is a 2015 with 48k miles, no problems at all. i found that, in 5 years of serious UAE desert driving, the only 2 brands who had 0 problems were Nissan and Toyota. never had to stop for either of these. but i'm just saying...