2014 Conqueror UEV 490 Evolution for sale

I have a 2014 Conqueror UEV 490 Evolution trailer for sale. It is in exceptional condition, and looks new. I had it imported from Australia in 2014 and titled it here in Arkansas. The camper is loaded with the following options:

Webasto Hot Water/Heater Kit
Evolution Entertainment Pack
Evolution Light Pack
Evolution Power Pack
300 Watt Phoenix Inverter
Air Conditioning
Internal Fans
National Luna 90
Vanity or Storage
Work Bench Steel
Jerry Cans
External Strip Lights
Tie Down Eyelets
Key alike Padlocks
Stone Stomper
Kitchen Annex Roof
Kitchen Annex Wall Kit
Bathroom Annex Roof
Bathroom Annex Wall Kit
5 ea BF Goodrich 35" Mud Terrain Tires with Aluminum Wheels

I will be happy to send pictures. Please email danny@kirbyspec.com with questions or for pictures. My price is $45,000. Buyer to arrange pickup or shipping.
A few things: First, no pics, says your testing the waters or just lazy. Lots of free hosting services out there. Second, you might want to check your price as a 2018 model is 47k. And lastly, what have you done to it? They don't come with batteries so are selling it without batteries? Did you add a couple of good agm's (age, ah) or even lithium batts? Has the power pack had any soft or hardware updates? Any solar? A tender to keep the batteries topped off? Explain how you added the 35's vs the stk 30" rubber and so on.

Happy selling.
You obviously have it all figured out. For everyone else that might be interested, I will send pictures via email request, and do my best to post some here as soon as I can. It has new Odyssey batteries, and the 35’s were installed at the factory per my request. I have had no charging issues to this point. I don’t need to test the waters, my price includes a list of options that are not standard here in the U.S. when you consider those, I am significantly less. I am negotiable with a serious buyer.