2015 GMC Canyon


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This truck is being built with the intention of driving the 15, 000 km TCAT route next summer
I'm thinking that GMC would be very interested in your trip when it's completed Deadly. The TCAT is going to be quite a torture test for the truck. Likely equal to about 5 or more years of normal abuse by most of us weekend warriors.


Small world Manxman :victory:

The thought had crossed my mind, GMC. I'm only 90% sure it will happen in 2016 (if not then 2017).

I am planning on 90-100 days to do the TCAT at a semi relaxed pace. There are a few spots on the route that have me a bit nervous (water crossings, narrow trails, etc). The reason behind doing it next summer is I'd like to do it while I still have a full warranty on the truck....but given I just put 14,000 km on it in the last two months ... I am guessing I'll be out of warranty before next summer (sadly).

I have a few shake down, mini trips planned for this summer to see what works and what's needed.


Just to keep the thread updated. A bunch of parts ordered. Once everything is received the truck will see some shop time.

A RTT to sit on the Yakima bars on the bed
Icon shocks front and rear, this will add 3 inches in the front and 2 in the rear.
A 1.25 inch body lift. This is being done to help alleviate wheel rub.
A 30 inch led bar that will sit in the front grill

Truck should benefit from the suspension. Stoked on the tent, this will be my first and getting off the ground will be nice (I hope).

Been using the truck quite a bit. It now has a zillion pin stripes in the paint, narrow trails where I live with bush and tree's everywhere. The first ones were...painful :)
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Some photos from a day on some trails with a buddy

We had a spirited pace going, the truck performed great. Suspension being the limiting factor....cant wait for those Icons to show up :drool:

Truck now sits at 20, 000 kilometers. Had in to the shop for a piece of trim to get replaced as it had become loose. The rear drivers side door handle didn't close properly so they ordered and installed a new one. The free satellite radio ended as did the free wifi hotspot. I wont be paying for sat radio as its insane to have to pay that much imho....the hotspot on the other hand...I can see activating it before a trip. It would be nice to have the tablet to have access while in the middle of nowhere, places where there is no cell signal.

Added a cb handheld, works great so long as you arent to far from the truck ahead or behind you. I am new to the cb thing, read all about pros and cons to hams versus cb's. Since everyone I know has a cb I went this direction for now.

My first car payments ever, they suck :) 52 more to go :ylsmoke:


It looks like this is going to turn into a really cool truck.
I hope so. It wasn't an easy choice to not buy a Taco. My trade in was about to lose 60% of its value as it was about to hit 100k on the odo, so waiting for the new Taco wasn't an option.

This year will see the suspension, body lift, rtt and whatnot added. Sliders as well if all goes to plan.

Bumpers, skid plates, etc will have to wait until next year (budget wise). I have a buddy who is a fabricator, so unless someone comes out with an off the shelf aluminum solution a bunch of monies will have to go towards a custom solution. Better approach and departure angles as well as a winch will be the end goal.

Any cad people reading this? I'd like to self teach myself but don't know where to start (which app and any decent "cad for beginners" type of book) .

Shocks are in the mail, rtt should be sent this week. Years of waiting to build a proper expo truck...ya I am darned excited :)


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....the hotspot on the other hand...I can see activating it before a trip. It would be nice to have the tablet to have access while in the middle of nowhere, places where there is no cell signal.
Pretty sure the "internet hotspot" is cellular based - can't imagine it is satellite connected.


Any cad people reading this? I'd like to self teach myself but don't know where to start (which app and any decent "cad for beginners" type of book) .
It really depends on what software you are able to get your hands on. I am most familiar with Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk has tons of online tutorials and sample files available to get you up to speed. It can be fairly time consuming though.


Thanks, I work in IT so getting software usually isn't the issue. My understanding (or lack of) is that some applications are more intuitive than others? Less features = easier to learn with?


Some new suspenders showed up last week. Hopefully get a chance to install this week along with the 1.25 inch RC body lift (to help with tires rubbing at full lock). I couldn't afford the upper control arms so will only be installing the shocks. The Aarm would allow for another inch of lift. With only the shocks Icon recommends only going up two inches on the front which is where I already am with the spacers I stuck in a couple of months ago. So no lift but performance should be greatly improved. 2.5 coil overs for the front and 2 inch for the rear.

I also ordered a roof top tent which is in transit and should show up this week. I will mount it to the Yakima bars I have on the rear of the truck bed (Yakima Bedrock system). This should keep the top of the tent (when folded up) below the roof line of the cab. This in turn should not affect gas mileage to much and still enable the truck to fit in my garage. I have been lusting after a RTT for many, many years so I am pretty stoked on this purchase. As always budget is a concern so I went with a "cheapy" in the world of RTT's but in my world $1200 for a tent is kind of insane. Smittybilt Overlander Tent ( LINK )
Read some reviews from a couple of guys that have them and they didn't have too many complaints. Bought some seam sealer as that seemed to be the common complaint so I'll give it a good once over when it arrives.

Still have the lightbar for the front grill sitting in the shop, I have been hesitant to waste a day installing it until I decide on whether a metal bumper should be added. I also have the roof led lightbar mounts sitting in the shop...adding a light bar to the roof and metal bumpers will certainly change the look of the truck from a "stock" truck to a bit of an apocalypse ready truck. I keep flipping and flopping back and forth about whether I want to do this or not. Wife is dead set against it....but the inner child in my says I have to do it

The entire truck is pin stripped now, the first few really hurt. Truck now sits with 21, 000 km on it


More progress last night

Found a local guy who builds custom offroad bumpers, sliders, etc Once I get all the stuff in the shop installed I will likely be paying this guy a visit. I am not a huge fan of chrome so once a bumper gets installed I'll get the grill and window trim painted.


Looks great! I really like these trucks.
Thanks. I believe we will see a lot of these trucks that are modified for off road in the coming years based on my experience so far. Of course only time will tell how long it lasts or what potential issues may creep up but I am confident it will last many years (I hope)


Cannot believe I'm just seeing this. I want a new Colorado so bad I can taste it. This is awesome man keep it coming!