2015 Lexus 460 GX raves or regrets?


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My daughter bought this one with 20K miles on the clock and it has good reviews all around, but many of these are 'not-user' reviews and only serve to make the brand look good. As a long time 4WD person (13, 4WD's including an 1966 FJ-40; Canyonlands UT, 1971. the kid in the pic is now 49 years old.)

and 1970 FJ-55) about 150 miles south of Puertocitos on the Sea of Cortez in 1973. Chevy V-8, Warn 8K, Power Lok, a stack, 78 gallons of gas, and 3 spare tires.

I am sold on the almost retro body on frame design and the reliability of Toyota parts, fit and finish. I would like to see actual owner reviews of the GX: the good/bad/not-so-good.
thanks for your time, jefe
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I don’t have a 460 but I do have a 470 I purchased used with 13000 miles. It’s still more solid than anything I’ve purchased with the exception of a 4 runner and my tundra. It has zero creeks or rattles. I avg 16-17 in town. I’ve not taken it on a long trip yet so not sure the hey mpg.


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It is essentially a Toyota Prado otherwise known as the mid-size frame-on SUV for Toyota outside of the North American market. I had two in the past and my mother currently drives one. They are excellent vehicles and come with a few more creature comforts than the 4Runner. Most notable though is the slightly more powerful V8, full-time 4wd system (same as the one found in the 4Runner Limited 4wd and the manual transmission FJC) and the sound dampened and better insulated cabin.

The interior is extremely dated (stuck in 2008 era design and tech) and as for the exterior the 2018 looks identical in almost every facet (lights and slight front end changes) to the 2010 model. Like most Toyota products they aren't known for fantastic fuel economy so don't plan on being impressed in that department.

At the end of the day they are great SUV's and there's even a few companies making sliders, bumpers, racks, and lifts for them which is pretty cool. If your daughter didn't pay more than book and she's happy with it then she did well and will likely be able to drive it until the wheels fall off should she want to.


Mine is a 2014. It's an excellent daily driver with enough chops to get up any 4wd road I have the courage to take it on. Interior is squeak & rattle free, nice enough to drive my boss or clients around. As others said, not great mileage & everything is a bit dated like most Toyota models but I dig that. Eats miles on a road trip in perfect comfort & luxury, I hope mine lasts me a full 10 years before I upgrade to an LX