2015 Outback Suspension Refresh


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My 2015 Subaru Outback is approaching 156,xxx miles on the original suspension so I'm looking at doing a refresh. The car is mainly used for around town and highway travels with the occasional trip down dirt/gravel/fire roads to get to trail heads or just out exploring (I have a Tacoma to take me further into backcountry). I normally don't carry alot of weight in it except for camping gear and hauling my mountain bike around maybe passengers every once in awhile. So I'm looking at a few different options:

1 - Replace the suspension using OEM parts.
2 - Get the 0" suspension kit from Rallitek (preassembled) I don't really need a lift on it.
3 - Get the struts and springs from Primitive Racing and reuse the original hardware
4 - Piece together the parts from the Autoparts store / online retailers (KYB struts, etc).

I've already replaced the sway bar end links all the way around (they were toast), front sway bar bushings and I did the rear sway bar bushings when I upgraded the rear sway bar.

What are your all thoughts on this? What would you go with? Hopefully, I've given enough detail as to what I use the Outback for.

As to the dirt road comment I tend to have a bit of a lead foot when I hit the dirt, pavement not so much.


I would go with option #2... but add the overload springs...

Last year i did just that... but used the overload springs with 3/4" lift and 1/2" spacers......
Really happy with the end result...


We just put KYB struts on our 2015 at 90k miles and noticed a huge improvement in body control. I can’t imagine what yours feels like with 156k on it.


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We just put KYB struts on our 2015 at 90k miles and noticed a huge improvement in body control. I can’t imagine what yours feels like with 156k on it.
Not that bad as you may think. The sway bar links were shot though.

Since I've had a hard time trying to sell the Outback as is I went ahead and opted for Rallitek suspension. Calling around locally shops were wanting between 1000-1200 to replace the struts only and do an alignment. I could've piece it out and assemblied myself though not being comfortable with a spring compressor I figured the Rallitek set was the better option and I could do it myself since I ordered it assembled.


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Here are the before and after photos (I suck at holding a tape measure and trying to take a photo) with the Rallitek 0" kit.

Passenger Front Before

Passenger Rear Before

Drivers Rear Before

Drivers Front Before

New and new vs old

Passenger Front After

Passenger Rear After

Drivers Rear After

Drives Front After

Rear old vs new


i saw your thread over on the outback.org site- at least youre pretty level afterwards, no crazy difference in the drivers vs passenger side after the install. i think if or when my '18 needs a refresh ill be going with the rallitek 0" springs. hows the ride since the spring rate is increased so much with these?


Awesome! Do you have any side shots of the whole car? That’s about the perfect amount of lift these cars need, IMO.


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New KYBs with Rallitek springs will net a huge improvement in handling, load handling, and rough road driving! The difference in ride height could just be that the OEM suspension is sagged out.