2016 Conqueror UEV 490 $35k - Colorado -----SOLD---


A 490 for the price of a Turtleback. I bought this a year ago and used it a number of times, but I honestly prefer a RTT setup for my kind of travel and I want to build a truck. I cant afford to do both, so shes for sale. I bought this last year for a fair price, and I put a lot of time into it and made some big improvements. Kind of describing the camper in this post as well as pros/cons.

I can guarantee this is the most affordable 490 in the country.

The camper can absolutely sleep 4. It has the couch area bed, which is cool because you can sleep like that when your on the move and you don't have to pop anything up. Just climb inside and go to sleep. The front has the fold out bed, which is where we typically sleep and we leave the other bed set up as 2 benches.

This one I have didn't come with several options, such as heat, a water gauge, and the electrical systems on them are notoriously horrible. This has all been upgraded.

1.)I added a Topargee water monitor, which tells you how much water you have to the gallon.
2.)I installed a Planar(Autoterm) D2 diesel heater and tank. No cheap chinese ******** here. This heater has altitude compensation built. This was installed in the front box with a 2.5 gallon(if i remember correctly) tank. This will run the heater for 3-4 days non stop, or a week if just used for sleeping. Plus you have a diesel jerry on the rear.
3.) I ripped out the entire control panel on the inside and replaced it with a Redarc Redvision and Manager 30 system. This gives it wireless controls from outside. One of the issues with the factory control is you had to climb inside for everything. With this, you can turn internal lights, water pump, etc on with your phone. Along with this upgrade I ran the top 200w solar panels (included) permanently to the charger. The factory setup you had to run cables every time you got to camp which was weird. I then added an aux solar input at the rear. I wont be including my extra solar panel, but if you decide to get one you can hook up at the rear very easily with an Anderson plug and have up to 30a of charging power. The battery system stays at 100% with the included 200w of solar, I was using my portable solar panel to run my portable AC unit.
4.) I added 200ah of Battleborn lithium batteries. If your not in the lithium know, they are incredible. 5x the charge rate makes the 200w of solar charge them up in no time.
5.) I removed the factory kitchen side awning. It took 30-40 minutes to set up (seriously). I replaced it with an absolutely massive Bundutec awning. I then installed Hard Korr lighting on the awning arms with a dimmable controller. These lights go white/orange (for bugs) or a combo of the two for a warmer light.
6.) I replaced the roof struts less than a year ago. One was blown out when I got it, but I replaced them as a set so they will have years of life left.
7.) I upgraded the tires to Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/75/16. The spare is brand new, but the two on the wheels i got second hand but have a fair bit of life left in them. The trailer looks much better with larger tires, but can be down sized for easier towing.
8.)It has a water heater thats less than a year old. Its the on demand Camplux type heater.
9.) just replaced the 2 National Luna door lights on the inside. The old ones were doing some weird stuff, so I just bought brand new ones that I am told all issues have been resolved with.

The bad.
1.)The roof gasket could use a replacement. I havent seen any water come in because of it, and it has been through a fair bit of rain. Its about 80 bucks on Amazon for enough of it, I have the part number saved somewhere.
2.) Its missing one of the Duvet cover for one of the beds, as well as a coffee cup from the original kit.
3.) It lived its first years in Alaska. There is some rust under it on the A-arms for the suspension. Its not structural and I fluid filmed it when I first saw it, but its there and should be noted. Sort of like when your powder coat on a roof rack starts to flake type of rust, not the wheels are about to fall of sort of thing.
4.) Theres a large ding in the pantry door. The original owner left it unlatched and took off, and it swung around and put a dinger in it.
5.) The front bed and bathroom side awning covers are crunchy. This is a known thing with the Conqueror campers, as the covers weren't made with UV resistance tarp for some reason. They still zip up, but will likely need taken to a boat or truck tarp place in the next few years to have a new cover made. My brother works at such a place if you dont have anyone local, I just havent gotten around to handling it. More of a cosmetic thing currently.
6.) This is the major one. This happened before and after I installed the Redarc system. For some reason, when bumper charging (30A anderson) with the vehicle lights on, it shorts out the trailer light fuse on my Fj. I've tested it with other trucks and it does the same. If the lights on the tow vehicle are off, then it charges the batteries in the trailer without any issues. I'm kind of rural, so I haven't taken it to any trailer places to have them dive into it. It still stays at 100% because of solar, but its nice to have it charge off of the vehicle of course. I'm pretty good with 12v stuff, so I think this would be best suited for a trailer specialist. The front wiring had obviously been redone upon being sold in the US. This was one of the first in the country, and they came as African spec trailers that the importer at the time had to rewire to make US compliant. Brakes work, lights work, signals work, but for whatever reason it doesn't like to bumper charge with lights on.

Missing 1x coffee mug from crockery
Missing 1x comforter from linens (have comforter cover)

I will drop the price by 1200 bucks if you don't want the lithium batteries.
Also the camper will include its original National Luna 90 liter fridge of course. You will have room for all the beers in that bad boy.

Missing 1x coffee mug from crockery
Missing 1x comforter from linens (have comforter cover)

Shoot me a message if your interested. I have a video of all the details and close ups on the camper so if you come to see it there wont be any surprises. Most of the photos I tried to upload were too large so I will resize and try again later.


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Na. I have the desire to buy one but have to wait to finish up a 46 airstream restoration. My second. I am planning on getting one, used since the new ones are through the roof, in the future. I would like to have one that I can get muddled up and not care about the looks and also can search further into the woods and not worry about puncturing the aluminum. Looks great though. I’m always coming here to see if any of the 490‘s post up.


Sorry man, sometimes they’re so close but so far! The airstream sounds like a cool project.
I might have some sellers remorse once this thing sells because I can’t afford one in their usual price range, hence why I jumped on this one last year.

You’ll love it when you get it. I wish I could keep it and build my next dream too, but I’m on a working man’s salary. Can’t win em all.

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