2017 Ford F150 (not too crazy and not too sparse = just right)

Nice looking truck! I fully agree on the just right part - at risk of stealing your thread, I had the same priorities when building my F150 out. 2016 5.0 FX4 with Boss front and rear, wheels, tires, and a rack / tent set up. So far we've gotten quite a bit off the beaten path from California to South Carolina and everywhere in between and it's worked awesome. RCIs are on the list if we move back out west, as is a power solution / fridge some day. Otherwise, I don't need much else of anything. Good looking truck!
I know that I'm quite concerned about not having any decent sliders on mine. It will prevent me from going on anything much past a mild trail. I'm looking at RCI steps/sliders. The long wheelbase on the SuperCrew leaves us with a lot of body to damage. I wish the RCI steps/sliders also bolted to the frame and were even more than 11 gauge, but that's a lot better than the chrome steps from the factory. RCI has a video on their Instagram page of a guy jumping on those versus theirs - big difference. I'll also go with the RCI skid plates to help there, as the FX4 package ones are flimsy. We just don't have a lot of offerings to choose from. As I mentioned above, there just isn't much out there for the full size trucks in terms of roof racks, sliders, etc. Ford doesn't help things by not having factory mounting points for these things.
The F150 is a great platform for overlanding, especially in North America where the roads/trails tend to be larger than in Europe. The F150's only keep getting more fuel efficient and user friendly as well.


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I just picked up a 2018 with the 2.7. Love that little engine so far.

If ya wanna have a little fun... do a "full boost launch" if you want to have a lot of fun, turn off the traction control and advancetrack before you do it 😁

(Make sure you are in a big parking lot or back road somewhere)