2017 G550 - Tire Options

Why not use a 16" alloy on a G550? I know they will not fit on a G63, but a G500 should be no problem.
They run them in Europe and it is the same car.
Couldn't get a clear answer from anyone if the 16" wheels would clear the brakes, so went the route that I knew would work with the 18s. That and they're generally more plentiful in the US.

Why not use a 16" alloy on a G550? I know they will not fit on a G63, but a G500 should be no problem.
They run them in Europe and it is the same car.


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I'm currently running 16" armored-G Ashtaroth with 285/75R16 Xtreme MT2 and I want to chime in that I'm not a fan of it in the wet.
Admittedly, it is a lot more stressful and is not an issue if I drive mindfully during such conditions, but there has got to be a much more suitable tire for wet/cold pavement.

I have a lot of issues slowing down from 80 km/h (which is faster than traffic at times) to a stop and know to drive slowly with greater following distance in the wet. The same can be said for ice in the winter.
It only has the M+S rating without snowflake (3 peaks) so it works great in light/fluffy snow but not cold/ice/wet pavement.

I'm currently looking for another option to replace the Procomp Xtreme MT2. I originally got these thinking that I'll be spending more time offroading in the spring/summer but want to be realistic that I live in the PNW and need to be concerned about performance in a mixture of wet/cold pavement (lots of hydroplaning) and ice (long braking distance).

As much as I loved to try BFG KO2 and knowing that it has the 3 peaks snowflake rating, I was very disappointed to read that most people that have tried the KO2 in colder weather find that it hydroplanes obscenely (as bad as a MT tire, such as the one I currently have) so I will be looking at other A/T options that have a snowflake rating. If you live in a climate without ice or wet/cold pavement, then KO2 would be as good as it gets for an all-around/all-year tire. The KO2 rubber simply gets too hard when it's cold and struggles to grip, no matter snow or ice or wet pavement.

One of the biggest factual reasons that turned me away from the KO2 was the fact that someone explained that the interlocked tread pattern is a downside and causes hydroplane to happen more quickly than tires with circumferential grooves. The purpose of the interlocked treads is so that they hold snow and "push" into curves more easily, but this is also a downside when in the mud. These are just the various opinions I've read about the KO2 and is in no way first hand experience from me. I am just trying to figure out what would be best for a G that sees enough wet/cold pavement and ice, and still wants to be happy on the highway and offroad trails. I don't believe the KO2 have enough silica in its compound compared to some other winter-biased tires, which is what usually makes a tire soft and good in the winter.

In the search for a offroad/onroad/winter (snow, ice, wetpavement) friendly tire, I am looking at Cooper AT/W, which is similar to the AT/3 but with more siping and is also rated for 3peaks snowflake.

Does anyone have any experience with the Cooper AT/W on a G or similar light truck? Are there perhaps other all-season/all-weather offroadable tires that have a good reputation that I should look at?

Alternatively, if anyone has good experiences with the KO2 in the wet/cold pavement, I would be happy to know and consider them again.
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Ok, I have a 2018 G550 and I was considering 33” and a 50mm springs. I also have factory Adjustable Suspension. I heard from ClubGWagen that the computer won't show error if you disconnect the Adjustable Suspension and install a different shock system. Question is, would ESP freak out with 33s”? What about the springs, anyone running them?

Thanks in advance

Hey Eric I have a 2013 G63 running 33”bfgs 50mm spring spacers and 30 mm wheel spacers. I have been running this setup on and off road for a while now and neither the esp nor the abs ever freaked out on me.

On a side note 33” will rub at full articulation if you dont get wheel spacers.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I wonder how different your 2013 ESP to my 2018 ESP? If they are roughly the same, then I'll be golden.

Yes, I was wondering about the wheel spacer. That's good to know. Thanks!