2017 JKU Big Bear - Stock to Overland Build

These all look like magazine shots! You might have something to do when you retire from the military.

I'm really loving the shots of a JK in the UK alongside all of these traditional Landys, nice to see the Jeep getting international representation.
It gets a lot of crap but once folks see it really wheels they are blown away!
Wow talk about neglect, I have some serious updating to do!

Starting with what is coming very very soon.
Black Rhino Arsenal Wheels (guys have been so kind to send them over fresh out of the factory and at an incredibly unbelievable discount!)
Talking to KC about working out something and getting the Gravity Pro mounted just under the rack to fill that gap, but nothing is for sure on that yet.
Also in contact with AluCab about a ShadowAwn for the tent and have held off my purchase of one until I see where that goes.

I have done Snowdonia and Elan Valley again, hit the peak district twice, and done a day in the lakes while away, I will post the photos here soon!

Also currently replacing the rear main seal in the gearbox due to a small leak and have had to upgrade my rear diff cover to the ARB one. All the planning for the 30 day trip through Norway to Nordkapp is done and it is looking to be an incredible adventure (Also recently picked up a drone to get some different angles while on the trip).

Media-wise Mountain State Overland featured me for a week or so, JKOverland did an interview on the rig for their youtube and I have a few other interesting developments I can't talk about just yet so it is looking to be a killer year!
Got the Rigid Chase fitted as my third break light and relocated the license plate, as well as swapped out the rear diff cover. If you are in the UK Alex @ Buzz Special Vehicles is a solid guy and can hook you up with some parts on short notice, he also helped out with the snorkel back before I hit strata. Zero complaints with the Rigid, thing is stupid bright.

A while back I met up with some folks from AllTerrainUK and since we have met up twice to pop around the Lake District for some good times and decent Lanes. Met my first local Jeep guys outside of Alex. James is a solid dude with the silver two door and Christian is running my dream lift so that was awesome to get a feel for it also. (AEV 3.5 and BP51 shocks)!

Next trip was just me and James and another buddy on base with a mostly stock older Rubi. We hit the lakes for a day and had a killer time with the weather finally starting to break and make room for Spring. Only hit two lanes that day but they were incredible! Buddy Tudor in the Red Jeep took a nasty hit to his propshaft and also learned real quick that he needs real rubber put on his wheels. You also might notice my changing roof load. More on that at the end..


Latest trip that the photos are actually done for was back to Snowdonia. Managed to meet Paula as well as Jack & Kristina. Both awesome people and with Paula now having loaded a RTT I am pretty sure I had a hand in that! The views were stunning and we got some pretty solid weather over the two days we were around the area!

Peak at the current "cockpit" setup

Jack and Kristina have got a wicked setup in the back and some sweet plans to expand on this in the future.

Paulas rig is a real beaut on the trail, sucker for the Defender looks..

So about those Front Runner Wolf Boxes.

After seeing this I figured they would work for what I needed, I get a small discount with FR, and have not had issues with their gear prior so I got 3 boxes and a heavy canvas bag to further protect the boxes from the weather!

New Setup (Still a Bust)

Old Setup (Bust for more than just the bit of water in boxes)

So the first trip with the boxes loaded I learned a LOT.
One I don't like many of my items on the roof, no matter how much space I am saving down below. So storage up top now will likely be long trips only for storing extra clothes or camp equipment I wont need EVERY night. Food and common camp kit needs to be down with me, especially because once my camp is "up" boxes are not accessible without tugging the tent closed, no matter how fast take down is, its annoying and a PITA.

Two was that the boxes were not waterproof or really even that resistant at least not to English rain (sustained weather).

Three, The canvas bag even with plastic on the inside etc would soak through and even the water that soaks through will find a home inside the boxes.

Four, the velco is super good on the bag, like mega good, far better than a person would want when accessing gear. The bag is also just able to fit three boxes with it being a pretty tight fit.

So after seeing the video again I decided maybe the water came up under the roof rack through the drain holes, 1000mph taped them over on both sides and ordered 3 hitops for extra space in the boxes and with the bag being a pain I got the bracket to attach them right to the rack. After two trips with this setup I can say this is also not the case and that the boxes simply don't keep water out well. Not a huge deal as I can still use them with an interior rack for storage and organization but is a bit of a bummer, likely get a totally different box like an alubox for the roof in the future and a purchase of the interior rack has been added to the list. Christian has some metal molle fabrication that uses the mounts as well so that should be pretty cool! Will keep yall updated!

Also on the recent trip that im still finishing up I picked up a drone! Super excited to use this on the Norway and future trips. Speaking of if anyone knows of a good route thread for nordkapp or for dirt and gravel roads in Norway/Sweden let me know!
Amazing pics! You have just got me interested in seeing what is across the pond! There are so many places I've yet to see in the US, that Europe has been pretty low on my wish list. There is some beautiful country over there!
Amazing pics! You have just got me interested in seeing what is across the pond! There are so many places I've yet to see in the US, that Europe has been pretty low on my wish list. There is some beautiful country over there!
O for sure most of this is just the UK! Iceland Pyrennese and West Italy have some shocking trails!
Fuji XT-2! Looking heavily at an upgrade to Medium Format with the GFX however!
I was just going to post at the end of the thread, until I read this! I was going to ask you what Fuji camera are you using. They have SOMETHING about them. You can tell a Fuji photo right away! Awesome jeep brother! I cannot wait to get another JK. 2 years without one is WAY TOO LONG!