2017 Ram 2500 Front Winch Bumper Help

I’ll piggyback on D43’s comments about weight. I had an ARB on my Dodge and it was a fantastic bumper but...along with the Warn 15k tucked inside it was a heavyweight. ARBs tend to stick out a bit more and all that weight cantilevered out front affects steering, suspension, etc. I figured about 275# or more with that setup. When I dropped by Buckstop up in Prineville to chat with them, their bumpers without winch were even heavier than the ARB. Don’t get me wrong, great products. But be sure to factor in the weight issue in your decision.
These vehicles are designed to carry around plows for a living, so the front axle on these trucks can definitely accommodate the extra weight. I think the main thing to be aware of is that the suspension will need to be set up appropriately to handle all that weight, and some of the front end components may need servicing/replacement at shorter intervals relative to the stock configuration.

The appeal of something like the AEV is that it is smaller, and probably somewhat lighter. But as you noted, it doesn't offer the same degree of protection. If you're going to be out on somewhat open trails you might be okay with that trade-off. If you tend to push the truck through tighter, heavily-vegetated trails or if you're doing a lot of late-night driving in moose or elk country, the extra weight of a full hoop bumper from Buckstop or ARB may be worth it.
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I'm ready to pull the trigger on a new front winch bumper on my 2017 Ram 2500 CCTD, but am having trouble with the available options/info. This is for use on my travel/hunting rig. Need protection for animal strikes, etc. and the rare winch use for when I (or a buddy) get stuck in the mud/snow. This is not a rock crawler so not as concerned with approach angles, etc. I have full Thuren King 2.0 suspension set-up with track bar and all the other goodies. I am running Toyo MT 285/75/18 tires. One of my main issues is that while some (not all) of the options will put parking sensor holes in the bumper nobody can confirm whther they will actually work properly. I like the parking sensors and would like to keep them functional, if possible. If I can't, then I guess I have to deal with it. The current contenders for the new bumper are:

1. Expedition One RangeMax Ultra HD: Looks great and seems stout. Some of the issues regarding the rear bumper have me concerned as this is a new offering for them and I haven't seen any real life reviews of this bumper on a Ram. No info. on whether front bumper can accommodate sensors. I sent an email to Exp1, but haven't hear back. Would get this with the added baja bar (which I have yet to see a picture of);
2. Buckstop Baja Bumper: Solid bumper, good company. They can put sensor holes in the bumper, but have yet to confirm whether they will actually work.
3. ARB: No sensor holes, but stout bumper. The high price is a little hard to swallow.
4. Ranch Hand Sport Winch Bumper: Old school and burly. It has sensor holes, but no guaranteed compatibility.
5. AEV Premium: Good looking bumper, but not quite as much grill/light protection as I would like. Intercooler protection is an issue.

Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice/suggestions.

I'm glad you asked this question because I'm also on the hunt for a good winch bumper. The one I was giving serious consideration to was the Road Armor. Bumper superstore seemed to have a pretty good sale on the Road Armor front winch bumper.
Agreed about the design specs for a snowplow...if the truck was optioned as such from the beginning or properly retrofitted. Axle...no problema. But as D43 mentioned you should check the suspension components. My experience with Dodge trucks is limited to 2nd Gens so I’ll bow out now and read from the sidelines. 😎
I agree that the additional grille protection offered by ARB and Buckstop is nice. ARB seems to be the only one that focuses on protection for underneath the truck (and only the intercooler at that, there is a shocking lack of skid plate options for the Ram 2500/3500).

The only thing to keep in mind...weight. I haven't seen an exact number for the ARB bumper, or Buckstop's, but I'd imagine with a full hoop it could be as high as 300lbs for the bumper alone, not counting the winch. Now that's replacing the stock bumper which is what, 40lbs-60lbs? That added weight is still well within the GAWR for the front, but still that's is a fair bit of weight.

The Buckstop bumper is available in aluminum for a hefty upcharge.