2018 Carnage?

Seems like we gave in to reality that every other year made more financial sense(and less stress) for the Carnage. Really hoping to get back in the saddle with trips next year. Even applying for some rafting permits next month if anyone is interested. So how is everyone looking at this point? And can we narrow some dates? A Spring Utah shake down trip might be in order as well.


Expedition Leader
I told you we moved! I even sent you a link to Phil's new forum AND i went as far as making friends with you and Esther on Facebook to keep you in the loop. You missed so many Lloyd impressions and Kevin Lloyding.
We just got back from Utah, looks like these guys want to go back in the spring and TOTALLY doing a Sierra trip end of summer. It's just not the same without you man, here's a link to Phil's forum aka new 4x4wire...