2018 Your Pick: Expedition Base Vehicle Recommendations

Love the final direction you've chose, however. Don't go F150 go at least F250. Your return will be much greater, greater load capacity and a much more "stout" solid feel while driving. I wore out a F150 any my 2002 F250 was like new when I sold it last year with near 200k on it either carrying a solid wall slide in camper or pulling a 16 foot trailer, or both at times.
The only mistake I made was ordering it with a V10 which was awesome power and toque but man did it love gas!, 8mpg, 10mpg on a great day.
Cry once and don't look back. Just my $.02
That is definitely a great point to note. Luckily, I think I will be OK for my purposes with a 2018 F-150. I did some digging and a 2018 F-150 Regular Cab with 8 foot bed, V8, 4x4, and heavy payload option come to a nearly 3000 lb payload capacity. Considering the SpaceKap Diablo 8' weighs in at 850 lbs and I am planning to keep my build very minimal, I think that should work OK for me. Excellent point to keep in mind though. "can't change the sticker"