2019 Frontier Pro 4x - dust under bed cover fix .


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HI : I have to drive at least 20 miles on gravel each day , super fine dust would coat the rear bed of the truck ( I do have a cover installed ) , tried sealing the end gate , better but still the dust would enter . So I added this to the truck , no more dust at all in the rear bed . ( It looks ok I think , and it does the job ) . used some 4 inch PVC , and a 4 inch TA (terminal adapter) . And yes , I can open the cover right up after the adjustment . Just some positive air pressure is all you need to keep the dust out .




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Nice! The reason that works is that the bed is totally full of holes, not just the tailgate gap you could fit a cat through.
I had to spend an hour on my back with a roll of HVAC foil tape to seal up all the holes & gaps--mostly under the rails above the utilitrack.
Sealing the seams front and back with caulking helped, but it also keeps any water in there from draining.
While the rest of the truck is coated in fine red Utah clay, the bead stays clean. I like your solution though...