2019 Frontier SV 4x4 Crew Cab LWB weekend adventure truck build


Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Another Boise ovrlnd! We are gonna have to have a meet up sometime, there is a pretty good contingency going now!
I'm actually in Lewiston. Aren't you guys all in 4x4 sprinters down there? I think half the OVRLND campers have gone to the PNW. I found out yesterday a friend in Bellingham has a coworker with one.


I'm actually in Lewiston. Aren't you guys all in 4x4 sprinters down there? I think half the OVRLND campers have gone to the PNW. I found out yesterday a friend in Bellingham has a coworker with one.
haha, some of us aren't in sprinters... but that's a small minority. but really there are at least 5 that i know of in boise. and my partner works up in lewiston actually.


Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Where's the glamor shots you promised? ;)
Haven't had wifi till last night so been trying to save data for important things like looking up breweries along my route and Spotify. Slept in it 9 nights in a row now, need to get on the build out asap so I can get some organization going. Lots of shuffling stuff around at the moment. Camper has been pretty solid through probably 500+ miles of dirt roads, some of them jeep trails that fully articulate my suspension and washboards that rattle my beer to the point it's 90% foam. Definitely need to upgrade front springs/bumpstops. Rear leaf pack seems about right, some heavier dampened shocks with external reserviors might be in order though. Rear takes an extra cycle to settle on big bumps after miles of washboards.

Route National Forest:

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument:
Coconino National Forest:

North Rim Grand Canyon:


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Nice pics!

How well do the barn doors seal out dust and water? Especially at the bottom and next to tail lights...? I have an OVRLND on order and cant decide what kind of doors to get.


Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Nice pics!

How well do the barn doors seal out dust and water? Especially at the bottom and next to tail lights...? I have an OVRLND on order and cant decide what kind of doors to get.
Fairly well, they custom build the lower half of the barn doors when you get the install done, so they fit very tight. There is a small gap where my backup cam wiring went through the bed that I need to plug, and some other small gaps at the top of the tailgate area where there is nothing for the door to rest the seal against. I did 5-600 miles of dirt roads and got a bit of dust inside, way more from dusty/muddy shoes, I think some of it is getting in on the underside of the bed sides too. Overall it will be much easier to seal these small gaps rather than try to seal up the tailgate gaps.


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The bed rails on your truck have a ton of gaps and you can fit your fingers through the corners.
Metal duct sealing tape is probably the quickest way to seal it all up, but that could take half an hour on your back looking up to get done.


Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Been working on getting everything together I need to start this camper buildout. Starting Monday I'm going to start with backup camera install then insulating the truck bed and putting plywood down as a base to built off of. Then I can move the fridge/aux electrical system to the bed and install the solar. Hopefully get all that done this week, it's my four day "weekend", so I should have time if the weather cooperates. Follow that up with the cabinet/shelves and heater install, lighting, and wiring, followed by insulating the camper itself. Hopefully get a mattress made and a thermal cover for the tent walls made by the fall. To that end I've got the following here now or ordered:

Here now and waiting to install:
The 3/8" tubing and air fittings for my DIY UpDownAir system
Brandmotion FVMR-1150 rearview camera and mirror/monitor(mirror installed, still need to do rear camera install)
4 x 50w SunPower flex panels
Wiring/fuse panel to move electrical panel/battery from back seat to the camper front wall
Solar wiring
Floor insulation - 0.4" Minicell foam from DIYvan - Should fill the .75in deep ribs in the floor nicely, then a sheet over the top covered with 1/2" or 3/4" plywood.
Led interior lights and USB ports
Propex HS2000 propane heater and install kit

500A battery monitor
15 Series 80/20 track for the front and sides of the interior walls
10 Series 80/20 track and hardware for solar panel mounting
Diode Dynamics SSC2 Sport White Flood Flush Mount Amber backlight - Backup/area lights and may use the backlighting as blinkers that will be high mounted on the camper (probably won't get these for a month)

Still need to order:
80/20 for the shelves/cabinets - Need to get the floor done so I have final measurements, and figure out where I'm mounting the Propex HS2000 first
Some kind of propane setup (leaning 10lb aluminum or 17lb composite tank, with a powertank mount) Need to find out how the composite tank does with UV.
Mattress (leaning 4in thick latex in four pieces, 30" Wide x 40" Long) Probably order a cushion the size of my fridge to use as a seat and test the softness/thickness)

Still need to source:
Two extra days a week, one to work on the camper and one to work over time to pay for all this. Can't wait to retire and have 7 days a week to do what I want. I'm counting the days, I think I've got about about 3000 left.


Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Progress was very slow last week, 95-101°F Tue-Thur and 90°F on Monday kicked my butt while doing the backup/reverse camera install. My shade tree is on the north side of my truck, doesn't provide much shade for this ginger shade tree mechanic. Camera works great as a rearview mirror, okay as a backup camera. I can see the ground 7ft behind me, and a car bumper about 4ft behind me. And just see the tip of my bike rack when its down. So it works well for parallel parking, if I scroll the screen down. May hook up the reverse wire so it automatically switches lower, not sure how well it will work with the camera mounted so high. When I get a new headunit I'll get a bumper mounted dedicated backup camera and the mirror camera will be solely a rearview mirror replacement. Overall I'm super happy with it. Monitor is great, dims enough for night use, and camera has great resolution and night vision. Much better than any other backup camera I've used. It better for $450.

20210601_161309.jpg 20210601_200008.jpg 20210601_161402.jpg

Got started this week though, the floor insulation is down, plywood is down and bolted to the utilitracks, and a 1/0 awg wire is now installed from the starter battery to the passenger side front corner of the bed. Propex HS2000 install location is chosen, waiting on a 1-5/8" hole saw to do the initial install. Need to go buy a ladder to reach the roof and start the solar install, going to go do that today. Ordered rivnuts to install the 80/20 to the walls and the plywood panel I'm going to be mounting the electrical system to. So I need to wait to move the rest of the electrical system. May tear out the old system today.

20210608_124101.jpg 20210608_151416.jpg 20210609_103111.jpg

Edited to add:
I've also ordered a few things like a set of ADO heavy front coil springs to replace my medium springs. A set of Diode Dynamics flush mount backup lights with amber back lights. Most of my Camp Chef cooking things are here, had to order an Explorer 2 burner instead of a Pro 60X that I've been waiting to come back in stock. But since it will be my least used stove, only going on trips where I'll be with a lot of people, I may wait to replace it. I did get my Mountaineer two burner, which will live in the truck and be my go to stove 75% of the time. And the 14" Versatop flattop grill, BBQ grill box, and Pizza oven are all here and will go on trips as needed when I plan ahead on grilling or baking. I'll be sizing the shelves between the fridge(passenger side right inside the door) and utilities(passenger side front corner) to fit the stoves.
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Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Been a long while with no updates here, but I figured I'd at least put down some notes on where the build is at and where it's going.

The camper now has an electrical panel mounted, battery is installed on the floor in the front passenger side of the bed, and the fridge is installed in the rear passenger side of the bed. Put 200w of solar on the roof as well. That and some wall insulation are all I've gotten done, it got hot, then it got smokey. I lost all motivation to work on the truck. I did get a two 3-4 day trips out to the coast, one to around Seaside Oregon, and one to Bellingham Washington with a stop at Mt. Rainier. As well as a week long trip to Montana over the Magruder road right as the fires were starting up in July. Now have about 25 nights in the camper, about 15 of them dispersed camping, the rest camping in friends and families driveways.

Mileage is pretty good, under 45mph and it makes no difference I can measure. Highway mileage really depends on speed and winds, 50-60mph highway speeds its maybe 10% down, but at 70-80mph it's down about 15-25% from an empty stock trucks 19mpg. 33" tires on stock gearing and probably 800lbs of load over stock. Camper hit mileage about as much as going to 33" tires and putting a front winch bumper on did, less difference around town, a bit more difference on the highway. Worst highway mileage I've seen was 110mi from Ritzville WA to Ellensburg WA at 80mph into a 20mph headwind with some higher gusts, 11mpg, about what I see around town! Best I saw was Walden CO to Ft Collins CO, at about 45-65mph(avg about 55mph probably) when I got 19.5mpg. Vernal UT to Steamboat CO at 65-67mph was pretty typical with about 17mpg.

I got my HD front coils, but not installed them yet as I can't schedule an alignment same week in this town and I don't want to commit a week or two out to getting the project done. I got my Diode Dynamics SS2 Flush mount Flood backup lights this week as well as my Morimoto XB LED Hybrid lights today. Installed the lights within about an hour of getting them, that's how much the stock lights suck. Going to aim them tonight with 200lbs extra in the bed.

Ditched my Thule XT2 Pro bike rack that was damaging my bike(and was only usable for one bike because of my full height barn doors) and ordered a 1up Super Duty Double bike rack, will add a 1up Rak Attach swingout as soon as possible. Hopefully the rack is here in a couple weeks, as it's starting to cool off and I want to go ride when the smoke isn't too bad.



Idaho 2019 Nissan Frontier CC LWB
Did another 2 week trip at the end of August. Around SW Montana and SE Idaho area, with a couple days in Yellowstone. Saw my first Ovrlnd camper in the wild on a cool OBS F350 CC 8ft bed.

My Sherpa 4x4 big air compressor has been acting up, head bolts come loose even with red Loctite on them. I'm tired of messing with it. And I didn't want to build a cabinet over a compressor that I need to work on so much. So I bought a set of Viair 425c compressors and a 2 gallon tank. When I installed them I also got around to installing my 3/8" air lines and Schrader valves near the tires. Haven't done a full test yet, but it makes airing up/down to an even psi easy. Airing up 4 tires at once is faster than 4 in a row, since the compressor sees a lower pressure. Looks like about 30% faster with this setup, so four tires in the time of three. At least when using Shrader valves with the cores in and a reasonably quick compressor. I expect despite the slower compressors airing up will be nearly as fast as the Sherpa was doing 1 tire at a time, at least total time from pulling over to pulling away, but I'll have to test and see. I've being airing down by throwing an open chuck on 3 tires and using my valve core removing deflator on the 4th, by the time I'm done with the 4th the other three are nearly down to 25psi and I can finish them off with my gauge. This takes about 3 min, takes about 4 min to do four tires with the tool only. I'm guessing using the air up system to air down will take about 3-4 min too.

Getting ready to do my propex heater install. Think I'll order a 10lb aluminum propane tank this week. The heater install is the last piece before I order my 80/20 for the cabinet build.


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I like the build a lot, definitely appreciate a self contained camper/vehicle in one that maintains its foot print and is able to get to some places well off the beaten path! I love Seaside Oregon, only visited once but I told my fiancé if I ever disappeared to look for me there.

Questions and comments:
- How did the Thule XT2 Pro interfere with your campershell? I have a 2012 f150 with a standard bed cap and the same bike rack. I've never ran into any issues with loading two bikes on it.
- Are you at all concerned with the solar wiring exposed on the roof like that? I might be worried about a tree limb catching or even just wind at highway speeds putting a beating on the wiring. Just a bit of constructive criticism. I'm now electrician or vehicle designer though I may aspire to be

Good looking truck it seems like it fits your needs nicely!

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