2019 Honda CRF 450L


Beach Bum
I finally got around to finishing up the Dinamick Designs 450X tail conversion this morning. I am pretty happy with the results, pounds shed, a cheap and easy to find rear fender should it ever get damaged, and it produces a much more streamlined look. The blinkers are flush mounted and plenty bright, I went with the smoked/tinted in orange (he also offers regular in orange and regular and tinted in red) so that they don't stand out like a sore thumb when not illuminated. Now I need to order the front set to match.

He uses Honda OEM parts for the fender and electrical connections and stainless steel hardware and the plate holder design is first rate. It's not the cheapest mod out there but it is one that is well worth it IMHO. I hope to see more accessories/mods out of this guy for our bikes in the future.



Beach Bum
According to my scales I have removed 29lbs. 2.3oz. worth of factory parts and hardware from the stock bike. Now I have added back in weight with mods that replaced some of those items with (not including tire change), but that's a pretty significant amount of weight removed. Here are the items I added or replaced with aftermarket parts:

IMS 3.0gal fuel tank (possibly heavier than the stock Titanium 2.0gal tank which weighs 3lb 9.6oz.)
Acerbis X-Factor hand guards (2lbs added)
AXP skid plate (waiting on official weight but definitely 2-3lbs heavier than stock)
Dinamick Designs Honda 450X tail fender kit (much lighter than stock and removed over 1lb of subframe)
FMF Q4 muffler and Megabomb header (7.5-8lbs lighter than stock exhaust)
Vortex ECU (a wash)
Seat Concepts Comfort Low seat (a few ounces heavier than stock?)
Works Connection radiator braces (half a pound added at best)

It's safe to assume that I have dropped a solid 15 or more pounds off of the stock bike weight. Granted there is now an extra gallon of gas weighing it down, but it just goes to show you that with a few aftermarket mods (most that greatly improve the performance and handling of the bike) you can easily bring the weight of the 450L down within 15lbs or so of its Euro competitors. I plan to remove a few more items in the coming months thereby further adding to the weight loss.