2019 Nederland, Co to Moab, Ut Dualsport Misadventure


Kapitis Indagatoris
Some friends and I are putting together a bike adventure for this July. We'll start in Nederland, Co (up the front range from Boulder, Co.) and travel only two lane roads (no interstate), dirt roads (Rimrock trail) and mountain passes to Moab, Ut. We're looking at being on the road 4-5 day and camping and eating along the way. This won't be a Dakar race run we'll be taking it easy, challenging ourselves and just having a good time. The longest stretch will be 160 miles between Montrose, Co and Moab, Ut. Each rider is responsible for their our bike, gear and expenses. But, we'll have a volunteer chase truck that can respond to haul back any bike or rider to the Boulder area if there is a breakdown. If interested let me know and I'll add you to the Facebook group for all the updates.