2020 Defender Spy Shots....

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On the US website it says "Electronic Active Differential with Torque Vectoring by Breaking" with the offroad package, the picture for the package has little arrows next to the rear wheels so I guess that means rear? An yes I can't find anywhere on the US website that says it comes with center diff lock. Found this "ACTIVE REAR LOCKING DIFFERENTIAL This system offers the additional benefit of more traction on corners and more grip off-road. It does so by controlling the slip between the left and right wheels on the rear axle.1
At least you found a rear locker reference. It would be useless without a center locker, so that’s good news.

If the center were open, 100% of the power could go to the low traction front wheels if your locked rear had good traction but any wheel in front did not.

Center and rear lockers means guaranteed 3 wheel drive 😁


I like it. The base model with the added traction and terrain goodies and tow package is 55k! Less than list on a GX460. Which would you rather have? To me this is about as close to a classic Defender as you are going to get in 2019. Plenty of power, plenty of torque, good app/dep angles, and we get a base model that people were pining for. Outfit it the way you want with aftermarket goodies and away you go! I see NOTHING to complain about here.
Which would I'd rather have? The GX460. Sure the price is $55k if you get a base model and skimp on the options but if this is a vehicle you're looking to keep around for a while I'm not skimping pennies. Especially since many of the optional add-ons come standard on a GX460. I'm also not cheaping out and getting the 2.0L I4 when it seems wholely inadequate once you start loading up with gear. 3.0L V6 MHEV is the only powertrain I'd even consider. Once I load up with all the accessories and options I want this is a $70k+ vehicle. At that point you're within spitting distance of a Land Cruiser. I actually like the new Defender despite it's shortcomings but there is also no way in hell I'd be a first year buyer or even buy one new. Wait 3 years for 1) the bugs to come up 2) reliability concerns worked out 3) price to drop 50% for a 3 year old off-lease vehicle. That's the score right there, a certified off-lease mommy vehicle from Dallas, TX. That's the only way I could find myself in the new Defender.


My only issue with it is this: Despite being 7" longer than the current 4Runner it has 11 cubic feet less cargo space with the second row down 89.7 vs 78.8, further it has almost 13 less with the second row up 47.2 vs 34.6. It has a great payload capacity but I think a lot of that comes from the incredible roof load rating, which isn't the place I want to put a lot of stuff.


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the cargo volume is terrible. why is it designed with a teardrop shape? everything tapers in at the rear eliminating useful space.

the fact that it is far smaller inside than a 4runner is telling. the 4runner is not a large vehicle!


Haven't heard much mentioned about this being an AWD setup vs. full time 4WD. To me that seems like a bit of a trade off and further complicates. Yes it has been a while since we could slide the stick over to lock the center up manually, but at least the LR3/4 kept an even split. Presume this is due to the current terrain response system?


Ok ok, so I am liking it so far. If I were to get one it would be the 130 with a diesel and non-air suspension. 110 is just too small for me, my fam, gear and Ridgeback :)


I just got my Gladiator in the spring, and if I didn't love taking the roof and doors off I might be regretting it at this point...

Fully outfitted how I'd want it, it's ~$8k more than the msrp was on my Jeep. I do really like the bed on the Jeep, but this thing actually has more payload, same towing, similar off-road prowess - will depend on the terrain, but the approach, departure and breakover are better, though the Jeep has a front locker and better articulation. Plus I'm betting it has better on-road manners and it has a bunch of cool accessories I had to get aftermarket on the Jeep, which narrows the price difference....

Well done Land Rover, well done. I have a series III 109 so am what you might consider a traditionalist, but I think they've knocked it out of the park.


Cargo space on the 110 is a disappointment. Considerably less than the LR3/LR4 and even a 4Runner. Sounds like more waiting until the 130 becomes available.


I keep seeing comments about cargo space. But I figure everyone could fit their gear in an old 110 in 1995. In 1985. And since then gear has gotten exponentially lighter and smaller. I imagine if a backpacker can go 2 weeks between resupplies, so can a defender with some extra luxuries. 4runners are the size off 100 series now aren’t they? If you need more room maybe it’s time to take that 8500 lb of towing and buy a trailer? Just a thought.

I also feel I’ve seen a few people compare it to a Jeep rubicon. Cool. Go get a rubicon. If it’s not a gladiator have fun with half the payload. Also remember jeeps aren’t made for the same stuff as rovers. Just look at their advertising. Rocks vs rhinos. Pick your poison but don’t compare them.


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For sure, I'm confused though, your previous and only comments have been a little negative. Curious, judging by your sudden interest in my build, arrival, price and pics, did the reveal change things for you?

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No. But since you haven’t found ONE complaint I would assume you have the full tilt spec built and deposit down.

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