2020 Ford Transit AWD


Amazon Prime. Amazon uses so many vans for their last-mile delivery in some areas that they can literally flatten Transit or Sprinter production line/availability all by themselves.
Wow! I never in a million years would have thought THAT was what you were talking about! Thanks.

T town

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MY 2020 Transit AWD got scheduled for week of 1/13/20
I’m excited too. Can’t wait to see how all the new options shake out so I can fine tune my order.
There are sooo many things that are unknown. Just the other day someone said they found evidence that you can get rid of “stop, start” on the eco boost by ordering the Ambulance pkg.


it's not something you frequently see as most will(or have been) offset the engine/trans to the passenger side to open up more room for steering/braking components on the drivers side...but...with vehicles being designed to be either LHD or RHD that really wouldn't be the smartest play..