2020 Mercedes Benz 5 Sleeper Sprinter Camper


2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 144, 2500 4x4, Standard roof with Less than 4,000 miles on the odometer was designed and build to transport and sleep 5 people while keeping a smaller foot print and profile. While the single mother of 4 had dreams of her family on the road, diverse family schedules have put this van on the market.

I was involved with the build of the vehicle while working at White River Overland and I can handle all the details involved with the build and the sale for the owner. I had the pleasure of taking this van on a week shake down after its completion and it is a treat to drive on and off the pavement.

The build is really blending a 4wd SUV layout and the convenience of a van. Quick access to the kitchen both inside and out was a very important element in the design. Simple stash cubbies with interchangeable doors along with plenty of seating make this 4wd adventure van a bit more spacious that the large SUVs on the market. The layout of this van with the kitchen inside and outside is to spend as much time outside as possible cooking and entertaining with no set up and the ability to house 5 people during inclement weather

Modifications include

Lizard Skin sound control and Ceramic insulation throughout the vehicle. 2 layers each.

Custom Aluminess roof rack and rear ladder

Campteq roof tent

Van Compass Stage 2 suspension system

OEM tempered sliding door glass

2 Arctic Tern 300x700 bed windows

Arctic Tern 450x110

2 Maxxair mini vent plus roof vents

1300mm Bifold bench seat

Power management:

RedArc Red Vision


2 105w sunflare xplor solar panels

2x6v GC2 AGM batteries 224AH capacity

Interior and exterior RGBW color change and dim able lights

Interior usb reading lights

Custom folding bed

Custom sliding kitchen

60L dual zone snow master fidge/freezer

Partner steel stove

5.5 gallon propane tank

18gal & 25gal water tanks

Camplux propane hot shower

A video tour can be found here:

Offered at $185,000
Delivery or transport can be arranged



They are allegedly switching to AWD w/ 50/50 power distribution which will be an improvement.
Yup, not sure how I feel about it, but change is always hard. Supposedly there will be several changes. Could be cool. I have a two friends with 2021's that have had a tremendous amount of emissions issues, lets hope they figure that out.


They are allegedly switching to AWD w/ 50/50 power distribution which will be an improvement.
This is exactly my point. The “4x4” setup doesn’t have lockers (save for the owl aftermarket kit) therefore moving to an AWD that can do up to 50/50 will be better in almost all use cases. Implying the end of “4x4” sprinters is disingenuous at best.

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