2023 Ford F-350 Power Take-Off and Pro Power Onboard - 2KW


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I'm getting an 2023 F-350 to put a Scout Kenai on.

Any reason to get the $280 Power Take-Off feature?

Can I charge the Kenai by plugging it into the Pro Power Onboard? Worth getting?

Also considering adding the factory winch.

Input appreciated.


Finally in expo white.
The pro power is 2000watts I think. That’ll charge your batteries for sure. It’d be a lot more convenient than carrying extra fuel and a generator.


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I have a '22 with the factory winch. My winch is not compatible with any aftermarket bumper. I don't think it's compatible with the likes of a Ranch Hand grill guard because of how it's mounted. It's also pretty much completely hidden, so it's impossible to see how the rope is winding on the spool while it's in use.


I would skip the factory winch. $3K for a winch that’s not compatible with anything else. $3K will da*n near get you a Warn 12K Zeon and a nice winch bumper, or it will get you a Warn 12K VRS and winch bumper.

The onboard 2K generator is the only thing I wish I had on my 22’ that you can get on a 23’. Needless to say I’d opt for it.

No experience with the power take off. Can’t imagine why it’s needed, but I’m not versed in it’s uses either.
I believe the “factory PTO” is just a SAE standard 6 bolt PTO outlet on the automatic transmission. Almost all recent self respecting manuals (NV4500 & 5600, ZFs, Getrags) seen in recent full sized pickups had such, I believe Allisons even the little 1000 have them.
Once you have the PTO outlet you can then buy something like a Chelsea PTO box, which can run either a PTO winch; ormuch more useful a combined PTO/hydraulic pump. What’s that good for?
I have an admittedly boutique camper: a 4.8m (15’ 9”) Unicat on a very civilized Mercedes U500 Unimog, purchased new when they were selling them in North America in 2005. I ordered the simplest hydraulic system for the front and rear winches. A 20k DP in the front and 15k Superwinch in the rear. Just used rear winch last Thursday to pull a stuck 2wd big International dump/boom truck delivering free big logs for firewood into my slightly snowy front yard.
What else is hydraulics good for? A lot, actually.
I purchased a Harrison Hydragen US made (!!!) 3.6kw 240/120v generator that can run my entire house for an amazing $1300 last year.
In February I got a Boss 22 ton hydraulic wood splitter designed for farm tractors, mounted on I beam skids. I happen to heat my house mainly with wood. I have split 6 cords so far, another 11-12 to go.
You can run an innumerable variety of outdoor tools with hydraulics.
But I think the $280 just buys you the PTO outlet on the transmission and the driving gear inside the automatic transmission. Me being me, getting it would be a no-brainer.
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