235/85/16? Let's see them

I would love to see some pics of 235/85/16's. I searched and couldn't find much on this size tire, so I am hoping some of you will share your thoughts and feelings from your experiences. And of course PICS! :sombrero: Thanks guys!
Thanks Storz. Your rig looks killer. MTR's?
ex-rig now :smilies27

Thanks though! They were Truxs MTRs. That size is awesome, it had 285/75/16s on it when I first bought it and they were miserable, the 235/85 is the way to go for sure!
for '04 taco owners - have had 265/75R16s, now have 255/85R16's, and its time for replacement. the 255/85's are great off the pavement but aren't so hot on the road/highway.

i want to go back to BFG AT's and 235/85 and 265/75 are the only real options for me in R16.

anyone who's had both want to comment on the comparison?
ive had 235 75 15, 225 75 15, 265 70 16, 265 75 16, 235 85 16's and now 35 12.5 15's

for best of both worlds i really loved my 235 85 16's and wouldnt hesitate to run them again on any of my rigs. there a proven size time and time again. only reason im not running them now is i got a killer deal on a set of 35 km2's. the 35's are quite a bit more capable in the offroad department and onroad isnt bad as they are wider and make my fat truck more stable, but ive definetly sacraficed reliability goin to such a large tire. i never once had to replace any suspension components will running any of my smaller size tires and that was really nice. all in all if your not ready for the commitment of really large(not that 35's are huge)tires 235 85's would definelty be my suggestion
thats a good endorsement for 235's. i'm on cooper ST 255/85's right now and while i really like the size, i don't like the tire. it just isn't as good as the BFG AT's in snow/ice due to the extra siping on the BFGs.

If BFG was making an AT 255/85 i'd probably do that again. having going "skinnier" from the 265/75's i was running to the 255/85s i haven't missed the extra rubber which is why i'm thinking about the 235/85 versus the 265/75 again. about the same height but almost 2 inches less width if i did the math right.


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TreadWright MTs on my 80 series:

I also ran BFG AT 235s on my old WJ. Unless I get a killer deal on other tires, this size will be the one I run for a long time.
TreadWright MTs on my 80 series:

I also ran BFG AT 235s on my old WJ. Unless I get a killer deal on other tires, this size will be the one I run for a long time.
I love the way 235's look but I do think there are some trucks that they are just too skinny for.
the 235's on Wolf's give the best balance of tire weight, width, and improved stability for my needs. Light and simple,and proven on countless travels. Though I really like the Mud-Terrain T/A KM2, I have a set of the XZL's in 235/85/16 as fitted to military Land Rovers in Iraq,coming to compare. Not to be confused with the 235 OR/XZL sold in the UK. I have a feeling the flotation is a bit better, we shall see.


On rough black top I did, not to bad but noticeable. Off the road I just lower the pressure so not a real difference there. There is also a weight gain too.