235/85/16? Let's see them


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Neat truck Crazy Schooner.

This is the size I'm currently running, BFG AT 235/85R16. Probably jump to 255/85R16 at some point but happy with these so far.



Crazy Schooner

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No idea. I just installed this setup recently. For an older tire, the Firestones handle gravel really nice. No random tail wagging down gravel, they hold nice and straight. Bit loud compared to other MT's but not as loud as STT Pro or KM2 tires however. I'll find out in a month or two when the snow/freezing rain starts.


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It's not a 4x4 world expedition truck, but it gets me places and it has 235/85r16's.

It's a 2wd c2500, one of the odd ball trucks GM made in the 90's, it's basically a 1500 with 6 bolt wheels. I lifted the front with a 4" spindle from Canuck Motorsports and the back with a 3" block. It's a fun and reliable old Chevy. Still has the original ball joints, they were tight when I changed the spindle so I left them. Only part I hd to change was the tie rods.
235/85R16 WildPeak AT3W's on a 96' F150. Best snow/ice traction I've had yet. This size works well on this truck. I have noticed air pressure matters more than when I had 33x10.5R15 BFG's though, so if switching to this size be sure to have a portable compressor too.