24v solar for Adventure Trailer


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Lithium needs only minor charge voltage adjustment with temp (half or less than lead). So generally its easiest just to disable temperature voltage compensation. A temperature cut-out for high/low temp is important though.

Assuming you have a working balance board, monitoring pack voltage should be fine. Checking cell voltages manually should be done the first 5 cycles, then 10 cycles, then 50 cycles, and every 100 cycles thereafter. if everything is staying in balance, you can do it once a year after that.


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luthj - thanks for the response. I understand what you are saying on temp compensation and will read up on it (for knowledge) and will likely disable any compensation as you indicate.

I have the 057 board and leads added to the battery which are supposed to allow you to monitor with a simple unit like the Tenergy 5in1 (or similar). I figured I would be checking it manually with this for the first few cycles for sure. I understand the limitations associated with this. I just started looking at a BMS board that Jehu Garcia is peddling now to see if it offers any protection for me. From what I have seen from those using the Tesla battery for such fractional use, nobody has been having any balance issues.

I am interested in your thoughts on using the Victron equipment to sense and disconnect the battery in the case where the Samlex does not do its job maintaining within the set parameters. I believe it was you who identified some much more low cost relays as options for providing overcharge protection? I dont mind spending as little $$$ to buy a manufactured product from a reputable company, especially if it allows Bluetooth connection to monitor.

Thanks again.