2M Antenna Recommendations?

No experience with most of those antennas but the comet csb is a stiff antenna with a fold-over hinge at the base. It doesn't take kindly to hits but can be folded down to get it out of the way. Doesn't work well when folded though.
Thank you very much! I have compiled a list of antennas from Comet and Diamond that are all 1/2 waves. Was unable to find a website for Larson. Out of this list, any favorites? Not on this list? Are they all able to take hits well or does one stand out? Would prefer black to match the radio antenna but by no means a deal breaker. Is there a preferred mounting location between front fender, tail light, tailgate hinges or bumper? looks like the club is getting us licensed in 2 weeks!
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I've run the comet ss-680sbnmo on a tailgate mount on my Tacoma - had it mated to a baofeng with decent results. Then I put a shell on the truck and needed some extra height to get the antenna tip up above the shell and went with the diamond 770 which I now have mated to a Yaesu 100dr

The diamond seems to perform better for me - it's taken a number of branch strikes and keeps ticking. I keep the comet in the truck just as a spare


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I don't recommend the Comet SS-680SB. Two people in our club (including me) have had them fall apart on us.

I went to a Larsen NMOWB150B half wave (black, BTW) and have been very happy with it. The whip is taller than a center-loaded antenna, but is reliable as a rock and cheap to replace if needed. The aforementioned is NMO mount, there is also the Larsen MHW-150B which is PL-239 mount if needed.

I have mounted Larsens on the front bumper of the Trooper, and also a tailgate hinge mount on the FJC. Neither are great for ground plane, so the half wave is a good choice. I have conversed over 15 miles away with this setup, so I'm happy with it.
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If you are looking for something more budget friendly you might look at the Browning BR-180-b (https://www.amazon.com/BROWNING-Ama...pID=21q6DghvL7L&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch). I have run them on my Jeep for the last 4 years and smack them on tree limbs multiple times a day every day and they have held up fine and they are less than half the price of the fame Larsen.

With some RF Bonding (connecting part of Jeep with braided ground strap such as hood to tub, tub to frame, and exhaust system to frame) you could run a 5/8 wave on the front fender such as the Larsen NMO-150b. It's more than flexible enough to survive.
For NMO antennas, I highly recommend the Laird C27 for CB and the Laird C144/440C for 2m/70cm.

I also have the Larsen NMO270, but the construction feels a lot better on the laird antenna. The center ground pin on the Laird NMO is a nice spring-loaded brass plunger rod, as opposed to the Larsen, which is a flimsy tab of mystery metal.

RF performance is probably identical, but I wanted to put a good word out there for the Laird antennas.


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I use the Larsen NMO27 and NMO2/70 that sonoronos mentions. I also have a NMO150. All have been solid for me, highly recommended. The springy blade may seem crude but it works fine and has no moving parts to fail. On mine it appears to be tinned brass. It's definitely nonferrous anyway and there's a reddish color under the coating. Larsen has been making their antennas this way for decades and it hasn't been a problem.