2M/Ham radio, get yours before the


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Why don't we plan a weekend trip then and do it then? Anyone for the Jul29/30 timeframe? We can post in planned adventures elssewhere.
I wasn't sure if I should post this but there is an easy way to pass the test. The right way to do it, the way I did it, is to study, understand the materials, and learn the theory. (Well, I learned a lot but I don't want to pretend that I'm an expert.)

The easy way to do it is to get the test questions and answers (easily found online or in a book) and remove the wrong answers. Now you're reading the questions and answers and matching them in your head. When you take the test the correct answer, the one you've read dozens of times, will jump out at you.

You're not going to impress anybody that likes to keep the ham radio as an elite club but if I was "radio challenged" and over a year went by without getting my license I'd be pretty tempted to just pass the test. :p