2nd Gen Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins / The “Puller” Project


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This last weekend (a few days ago) we did Sonoita, AZ and Patagonia, AZ. Fun trip actually. The winerys down there are nice and a few craft beer joints also. Wheeled around in Gardner Canyon. So stuck. At lunch. Got unstuck. Played with with the dog. Chilled with the Wife. Low key trip - but very fun


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Looks like a great trip!
Was a great time! Gunna head back out again next week. Found some other trails I want to go check out.

Also I have to make time to weld up rock sliders, do the CAD delete on the front axel (have all the parts), I need to replace my exhaust manifold, and I have some airbags to install in the rear. The weather is so good i just dont want to down the truck to do that right now, I’d rather enjoy camping.…we will see


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Well, change is coming…
  1. I just ordered Thurens new 2nd gen bumper with the winch cradle. (LINK)
  2. I ordered the BadLand 12,000 lbs winch with synthetic line + wireless remote (LINK)
  3. I ordered the last items from EMS off-road for my locking hub conversion kit (LINK)
  4. I ordered (and already have) my front CAD delete kit for the front axel (new one piece axel shaft). (LINK)
  5. I ordered my new BD Exhaust Manifold (plus studs and gaskets). (LINK)
Gunna be an exciting month of upgrades! Pictures will roll out as it all comes together. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving out there!


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Please keep us posted on the EMS Free Spin kit. I really cannot stomach the price of the Dynatrac kits. :sick:
I sure will. I’ve been following EMS for awhile and spoke to 3 other people who wheel hard with their components and love them. I also called EMS and spoke to them awhile ago and they spent 30min on the phone with them. Super nice crew there.

Ill give feed back on the quality when the parts arrive.
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Please keep us posted on the EMS Free Spin kit. I really cannot stomach the price of the Dynatrac kits. :sick:
So got the EMS parts in. SUPER happy with them. Very well made and beefy. The machining on the parts look outstanding. So far, EMS parts are excelling.
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That is great to hear.
I had a free spin kit on my old 98.5 Cummins, but it used weird ford parts. Wasn't completely factory fitting.
I'm in a 2003 Ram Diesel now.
Previously played with Toyotas, 1st Gen Double Cab Tacoma and 4th Gen V8 4Runner.


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Well I finally got started on my axel. I ended up installing the center axel delete kit and installing locking hubs/free spin hubs. Love the way it turned out. A big thanks to Dylan and Hayden for helping me on this project. I learnt a lot working with these guys in my driveway :LOL::


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