2nd Generation Tundra Building

Long story short... while sitting in the driveway last year, water found its way into the engine... this was due to an oversight on my part. The engine needs to come out... so it has been placed on the back burner.
Updates?! Im interested to see the full IRS complete.

Also did you thnk about going with custom LT UCAs and LCAs for front and rear? I imagine this thing would be a beast with LT and IS all around!

Do you have part numbers for the seats and air suspension mounts?

Did you also change out the Snorkel top?

How much do each of those Hutchinson weigh?

Are you going to keep the 5.7 in it or the S/C? I'm curious because I have a R&D project I want a S/C for.
Did you just section the rear frame from the Sequoia, and splice it onto the back half of the Tundra frame? Awesome and impressive build, hope the engine issue doesn't discourage you too much.
This thread is dead, but if you ever come back...

You shortened the frame and put a short bedon. What was the process for this? Could you do this and retain the solid axle?