3 germans exploring the southwest in a Ford e350 4x4 Sportsmobile Van

Trip report USA South West 2017

It is time for our travel report. After all, we were already in May in the beautiful southwest of the USA. And as it should be readable for many nice friends in the States, this time the report is bilingual.
I beg your pardon. The readability will be somewhat restricted and the English sure will not be perfect.
Us - this are my wife Arife, my son Timur, who at that time was a year and 8 months old (we always make him unrecognizable in the internet) and me.
Usually, in Europe, we are on the road with our Ford e350 4x4 called HayVan. Shipping was too expensive. So what was more obvious than renting a "brother" of HayVan in the US? We found him at the super nice team of TontoTrails (www.tontotrails.com). Just recommendable. They are nice, helpful, competent and far from any Make-America Great-Again movement.

As this forum limits every post to 25 pictures - and this would take ages - you find the trip report here:

Well, have fun back home! Winter in the US is not so good for exploring/camping, but there are places in the SW desert that are pretty nice and reasonably warm. Baja is pretty hard to beat though, lots of places to drive and camp on the beach there!