37 on stock quigley

So I squeezed some 37's on h1 rims on my stock height quigley. Hacked up the fenders and bumper. So far no real rubbing. I have been driving it around to see if there are any issues so far seems ok. There is so little suspension travel in the quigley so it seems to be working.
It actually rides better on the bigger tires. Much less harsh.
Has anyone had any problems doing this??

It is a 7.3 with 4.10 gears. It seems to turn the tires just fine.





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I'm not sure anyone has tried it.... Looks cool with the H1 wheels. I would just make sure everything is safety checked in the steering and suspension dept. As you already know, those things are heavy. BTW, is the rust as bad as it looks up front on the frame? What's the plan for the rig?
Thanks for the advice.
As of now the steering and suspension is solid and tight. I am sure that the big heavy tires will take their toll over time. It has a much more solid feel than my previous e250 quigley.

Rust on frame is actually minor and concentrated to the right front bumper mount. Not sure what caused it in that one spot.
I definitely want to keep that from spreading. Rust was pretty much what ended my e250. The guy who has it now has the fabrication skills to get it back to where it needs to be!!

As of now my plan is to swap the box from my 2 wd mini-mod. It will be a slow long term project as my time is currently in short supply.
Right now I think the ambo box is my best bet, but I am open to other ideas for the back.
I basically want to use it to tow my boat, drive on the beach with my kite/surf/windsurf gear, and take on the occasional short camping trip.
I really like the size of the mini mod box so will probably go that route.


Very interesting to see!
Which year is your Q, from the looks of the grill it looks like an early one?

I actually want to do the same. Although I don´t like the Q (stock) suspension - I definitely want 37"! Have you done a flex test with turned tires- like fully to the right and left + lifted/or standing on something? +newbe question: What about offset of the wheels? Is there a noticeable/important difference between stock and Hummer ones? Of course these are much wider.

Hummer wheels would make things easier for me, as these are pretty easy to purchase in GER, thanks to US Mil. here :ylsmoke:
Der jack

I've tried to put it through its full suspension travel and turning. So far no rubbing, I'm not sure that I've put it through every possible range of travel/steering configuration yet.

The h1 back spacing is 7" my van was a dually so I went wit those rims to avoid swapping the drw front hub with a srw one. Was going to swap the hubs, but quigley added antilock brakes And all the srw hubs I found did not have the tone ring. The h1 rims seemed like a good simple work around. I don't think you could run those rims on srw hubs without having them re centered
It is a 96.


Hi CJken,

thanks for that info with the rims. That´s far from ideal. Stock Aluminium rims are not wide enough. I´ll need to check what is available here in GER in wider than 8,5 + 6,5" bold cycle with an acceptable backspace. I thinks Dodge/Chevy rims are?
So the h1 rims fit without any modification? Im guess they are on one way on the front and flipped with the 7 inch back spacing on the rear?
Yes no modification except fender trimming.
They are not flipped in the back and the track width seems ok by eye. (I don't know how good my eye is)
Will decide if it is ok once I get box on.
May have to run standard rims in back or do some kind of spacer. Not sure how comfortable i would be running a spacer on such a heavy vehicle. I think that the ujoint kit uses a spacer on the rear. I would be interested in hearing more about people's experience with that. I definitely trust chris and his judgement on that. He seems to have done right by many people on this forum. I still have time to figure that out.

Right now the rear measures about 80" outside of tire to outside of tire which I think can work with my minimod box.


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cjken, I spotted you on Rt25 at Rt347 a few weeks back, at least I think it was you. Aluminum skin on back of the cab? Yeah, I noticed.:drool:
Looks awesome..there is s guy will make the hummer rims with whatever back spacing u need. You can read about him on the mitsu fuso forum...
QUOTE=dvorocks;1460662]Looks awesome..there is s guy will make the hummer rims with whatever back spacing u need. You can read about him on the mitsu fuso forum...[/QUOTE]

Right, but it needs shipping to Germany :-D + certificates to get rims legal on the street in Germany- that's always a problem here, ifiit's not stock.
Yes conifers
That was definitely me. I live in st James so that is basically my hood!!
Unless there is another quigley half van in the area!! Driving it as is until I get time to swap the box on.
Were you in a white quigley someone in a white quigley was flashing their lights as they were approaching the other day.

German guy If you really want to run those rims maybe you can swap drw hubs on to your rig. I actually ran the rims to avoid a hub swap.


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I was just up there in NY, all of my family is in Smithtown & Kings Park! I grew up right off Main St in Smithtown.