(4) NOS Scepter 14 liter cans/mounts PHX - Will Ship

West Coast Mags

Last of my expo stuff left to sell: I have (4) of these NOS military portable cleaning kits, each comes with a 14 liter black scepter style can, though it has some unique fittings, a metal base / carrier with a built in storage compartment containing cleaning hoses, brushes and tools. I think the deal was you would fill the tank with water, then pressurize it and plug in whatever cleaning tool you wanted for washing stuff. I had six at one time, sold two and had planned to mount all of them on a custom rack on the front of my trailer, use the tanks for water storage and the storage compartments for tools, gears, ratchet straps and what not. $80 each, they are really cool. I can ship these for additional shipping charge, probably in the ball park of $20-30 per can depending on where you live, they are heavy enough that they would probably need to be boxed individually, or as a pair max possibly for shipping. Or they can be picked up in Avondale, AZ email is best: westcoastmags@gmail.com


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