4D34 3AT3B Motor

thanks, I hope the foot came right. The hospital looks reasonable.

the yard we are in is about central - 5km round trip to woollies, hardware, bank, and workshop. Fortunately we are both mobile and enjoy walking.

we'll move to the van park near woollies on Friday. Next milestone is earliest engine can arrive - Monday. Local experience suggests it will take longer.
just curious, with engine swap what papers would be modified and where (Qld, WA)??
Vehicle registered in Queensland. Qld have a form F3524 to change vehicle details. It took longer on the phone with Qld Transport than it took to aquire the replacement engine. Initially response was I needed to present vehicle and form to Qld Transport inspection station (all very understanding when I explained I was 5,000 km away from nearest inspection station). Ended with "email form and certified copy of drivers licence to a Qld Transport email address" (address not publicised on website). Surprisingly, no evidence of engine origin required though I guess there's some checking in the background - I'll cross that bridge when I get to it if there's a problem. The government website provides checking of VIN number for financial encumberances but not engine number. I guess I have to trust the national company based in NSW that has sold me the engine. I have a receipt and shipping consignment note.
In Vic the supplier ( wreckers ) letter headed invoice will suffice at VicRoads for proof of ownership and most times they will have the Vin No of the vehicle it came out of on the invoice as well . We are at Roebuck Plains and about to head up the Cape before heading South the next week sorry not intending to rub it in
not to worry ....... its the old "crisis or opportunity" story. Even if the origins of that aren't in China.

when mobile we tend to focus on places and natural history. Not to forget people its just our attention is on what we are seeing and of necessity what's next. When moving frequently its hard to get to know people.

as soon as there is a problem that renders us effectively immobile our focus changes. Our aim is to become mobile again and we need the help of people, particularly to help us know what is possible and what facilities there are. Our conversations change.

also the reaction of people to us changes.

in the last couple of weeks I've used the words "we've landed on our feet" a few times. Derby reminds me of the village I grew up in. Practical help offered before we ask. Which makes me uncomfortable, but I can live with that. I much prefer to be the person doing the helping.

I'm naturally positive after a life of heavy industry and travel where the only realistic approach to a problem is to fix it. The assumption is always that there is a solution.

But its so much easier when people we are in contact with are also positive and helpful.

Something about faith in human nature. And we get to see a bit more of people and place than from our usual skating over the top.

Basically, swapping an engine is not a technically challenging task. Just a bit of time. More difficult is communication and the logistics of accommodation and obtaining parts. No doubt there will be hiccoughs, but for now its just a matter of time. All up hopefully 3-4 weeks from whoa to go.
Good luck with all that Julian and Ally. Derby is a nice place but any town is less appealing than the wide open spaces of the bush in my opinion.
We met you at Barnett Roadhouse with Brij. Cheers, Neil and Pauline
Good luck with all that Julian and Ally. Derby is a nice place but any town is less appealing than the wide open spaces of the bush in my opinion.
We met you at Barnett Roadhouse with Brij. Cheers, Neil and Pauline
I can't decide if that's trying to be helpful or not ..........

I have lots of opinions on where I'd rather be but right now we are in Derby for the next couple of weeks so we might as well make the most of it.
thanks, I didn't know of Cooper Bros. They probably have all sorts of useful bits

I have an engine shipped from Sydney, arrived Thursday. Workshop will hopefully start replacement on Wednesday. I also have clutch kit, spigot bearing, hoses, filters and fluids ready.

Another engine protection suggestion is coolant pressure sensor/alarm.
this is what a used engine that has been transported more than 5,000km on the back of various trucks looks like.

Transplant starts today, hopefully back tomorrow. Everything was ready at the workshop - can't imagine that in big shop in Brisbane. Electrical connections all look the same, fuel pump looks the same (Zexel is Japanese Bosch). Clutch kit, spigot bearing, filters, fluids all ready. Fuel primer pump will have to be swapped, as will sump.

Engine looks in better condition than ours did when we bought our truck with less than 100,000km. Our truck had lots of hours at low speed. Replacement has parts and labour warranty - I'm not generally a fan of warranties but hopefully it reduces the risk a tad.

Feeling positive.



4WDaus "tralia"
Now you just need a rosa bus 6 speed gear box (rosa’s run the 4D34 motor as well) and everyone will envy you!
Hope you are back on the road soon
took 3 1/2 days. All good. Engine from FE. Swap sump, move oil level check switch not in replacement engine (needed sump off), swap engine mounts, swap flywheel (no vibrations, phew) and needed spigot bearing holder off old engine. Install clutch kit. Turbo on replacement had evidence of oil leak and inlet blades a bit dirty so use old turbo. A couple of bolts into the cast iron manifold stuck, so swap manifold. Which got us back to removing manifold from old engine (plan A was to take the head off at roadside until I saw the condition of the manifold bolts). Awkward access to split nuts. I bought a head gasket set for plan A which had exhaust manifold gaskets and a couple of seals. Old engine left for scrap. I'll carry the new turbo home.

The replacement engine sounds and feels "more solid" and "tighter". No extra power of course, but I didn't expect any.

I may save the Rosa Bus 6-speed for another day ..... :)

More importantly, we are mobile again. Another night in van park then stock up with food and set off deeper into the Kimberley again. A bit like playing snakes and ladders. ! :)

We've lost a month (from 21st June to 21st July), are booked into Bungles on 6th August and have a date in Ceduna early September, so a bit of rescheduling. Consdering where we were I think a month is reasonable. Could have been quicker of course, but hindsight is always wonderful.