4D34 seeking tips on cleaning Injection pump gauze filter

Ok so I want to clean the gauze filter on the side of my injection pump this is the zexel pump on a 1998 4d34.

repair manual says just loosen banjo bolt and remove but when I start backing the bolt out I run out of room before it is fully threaded out. See pic.
Should I have to remove the primer unit from the side of the pump in order to rotate it and have clearance for this? Nobody else, including the manual, mentions this step. I'm confused o_O 64D048A1-291B-4123-BD8C-6AC5C92CAE0C.jpeg
I think you are undoing the wrong fitting. I thought i was the other banjo fitting with the pipe on it.
If i get time i will try and have a look see tonight for you.
Hmm ok I guess that would make sense. The manual clearly illustrates the upper one so I didn’t think to look for it in the lower bolt but that would make more sense.
Yep the gauze is in the one as PK mentioned and also in the top right hand one with the other pipe also.
The one you have undone is prone to leak so check it after you tighten it all back up.
Id be emptying a tonne more degreaser on all of that before undoing anything further too.