4x4 Australia magazine 12 volt winch test

12 volt winch test: pics, looooots of words and numbers, plus a video.


The Long Paddock.
(Mark Allen)
I know this is and older thread but this Winch test of Marks was a true Tried and tested shoot out, needless to say the results were impressive, I have used the winning Winch be it under another name, and that the testing was done pulling a 5000kg/11023Lbs load and seeing as most of the Winches were factory rated at 9500LBs or 4309kgs They were tested by a whopping 16% beyond their Rating, It does not sound like much but on a 9500Lb winch that is exceeding it's rating by 1523Lbs or 691kgs which is almost 2/3's of a Ton,

Over they years I have read a few of Marks Tests/Reports and they are well worth keeping an eye On.

Thanks Mark for taking the time to piece this all together.
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