4x4 Fat Tire Recumbent Quad - Electric Motor - FOUR WHEEL DRIVE

Yes that's right. All four wheels are powered by pedaling, motor or both. A lever switches between 2 and 4 wheel drive.

This would make an awesome expedition vehicle. I originally bought it to convert to a hunting vehicle. It took so long to get here I let my hunting lease go, bough a boat and am now into fishing. This bike is truly a highly functional 4 wheel drive recumbent quad. Four wheel drive is selectable. I bought this back in November from mainland China. It arrived three weeks ago with very little instructions or guidance, best practices, or instructions on what to do once you receive your crated quad. This led to broken chains and a compromised tensioner. What I should have done was get it to a bike shop or watch a few you tube videos on chain adjustment and tuning multi-speed bikes and taken my time to go through everything. I replaced the chains myself. The originals were quality brands KMC and Shimano. With my amatuerish fixes it rode as expected with a lot of torque provided by the motor to help out overcoming obstacles. The motor gearing is not lightning fast nor do I believe it was designed to be. If I had to guess I move a long somewhere between 8-10 mph on the motor alone. The motor provides more torque than speed and is on a fixed gear ratio. When getting those front tires to go up steps or over logs the additional torque boost is right on time.

The motor (500W) is efficient and sips power if you use it to assist rather than the sole motive force. There is an additional battery that you could bring with you on long outings.

I took it to a recumbent specialist (Planetary Cycles in Houston) after all my fixes and told him to make it solid and shared the concerns I had. He was amazed by the engineering and the inline parking brake design really wow'd him. It handles my 210lb, 6ft frame well, even up hills. The went over the entire bike and tweaked it.

Works as advertised
500W seems very powerful
Efficient use of power
Unique concept. That's almost a unicorn.
Good build quality
Comes with lights and extra battery
Beyond cool

No guidance or instructions

Every time I took the quad out I felt like TMZ and paparazzi's were laying in wait.

Here is a video of a friend of mine riding it after I fixed the rear drive chain. Front wheel drive chain and the pedal chain weren't connected. This should also give you a feel for top speed without pedaling. Keep in mind he is 6'5" and around 260.


$6000 or best offer.

Located in Houston, TX

Videos by the company that created it:

Gravel Pit

River Crossing

Overview 1

Overview 2

Overview 3

Overview 4