4x4 Sportsmoble $24k


Up for sale is our Sportsmobile/home grown- mobile. Here is the history of the van. The original owner had it built at Richardson’s Customs in Portland. The front end is out of a ‘79 bronco and has coils up front for a super cush ride… The next owner was a fire fighter in Sumer, Washingtong who sold it to a guy down the street…who I bought it from. Most of the miles were put on the van from the original owner and by me. The other two owners….tinkered with it and put some $$$$ into it. One installed the furnace, drawers and the track system on the walls, the other installed the lift, and had both of the axles built and geared, Banks intake, Banks ECM, transmission shift kit, along with an exhaust and the top end of the engine gone thru.
I purchased it and did all of the brakes, U-joints, A/C , serviced all of the fluids, and changed anything that looked old or questionable. Having the van running tip top, I started with a plan to build it out the way I wanted it. Starting with new PROComp 35” tires on rock crusher wheels. Next was to get good bumpers and a winch along with quality lights. After that it was off to Sportsmobile to get an electric penthouse top, door cabinet, new floor and carpet installed. I also had 2- 4AGM sealed batteries installed and a heavy duty 200 AM Inverter/Charger hooked up. After picking it up we purchased a Dometic 110 frig/cooler and wired up 2- 85watt solar panels to keep everything running while we were out for extended periods…..Sportsmobile also installed a shore power hookup. All in all, it is a great rig that has always gotten us as far out as we wanted to go. We have two other built rigs and this one is not getting driven at all any more….so I hope someone can enjoy it and take it everywhere like we have. I also have a black Sportsmobile trailer that is for sale. It has the zip-in tent with awning. Nice set up $2900.


1993 Ford E350 170k on a built Big Block
AC front and rear
10 inch lift
Dana 44 front end with 3.73
Dana 60 on the rear
Cut and balance drive shafts with new u joints
Stock tranny with shift kit
Transfer ??? have to get back to you on that one 205 I think
Banks intake
Banks ECU
3 ½” exhaust to single pipe…it will pass smog.
20 gallon stock tank
40 gallon aux tank with Holly transfer pump
Yakima roof tracks
Rear bumper with swing out tire carrier and lockable storage box
Front bumper with winch and lockable tool boxes
Set of snow chains for 35in tires
Propane furnace with thermostat
Fold out gaucho bench
2 extra matching captain chairs…for a total of 4
Air bags with blue tooth controller
The list goes on…
If you are interested please call me @ 931-206-8640 or email me direct deepblue828@hotmail.com I have a ton of pics from all over and would be happy to send you some or chat about the van.

Here is a link to some pics http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?fid=edb243b7e36e064c6cbbd47cbb382743&sid=0IaNWzdwzcsnWA
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That is very tempting. I have a Defender 130 Crew Cab that I need to sell first before I make the leap on anything. Does the AC run well? You mentioned you have 2 more captains chairs, can they be fitted as second row seats or are they replacement seats for the front?


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Kellymoe, I have seen you post a few times indicating a change from the 130, may I ask why? Thanks, and not trying to pry...


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Kellymoe, I have seen you post a few times indicating a change from the 130, may I ask why? Thanks, and not trying to pry...
I love my 130 and it has been one of the more reliable vehicles I have owned, but I am teetering on the idea of selling it for a sportsmobile which would be the only vehicle that I would consider replacing it with. My main reason is simply comfort, A/C, sleeping inside, a place to duck in out of the wind rain and snow etc......
If I could figure out a way to swing it financialy I would keep the 130 but with the price of a sportsmobile I just dont see it. In all honesty I will probably end up keeping the 130 unless someone wanted to do a straight up trade, and with the price of a newer SMB I just dont think thats gonna happen.


the capitains chairs can be used as both replacments or stand alone for the back as the they both have the floor plates with quick disconect for ease of removing. The ac will freeze you out of there, the front and rear work execellent....works well enough to keep it cold in el paso. Hope this helps.