4x4 Sunrader Build Out

On to wheels and tires! Picked up some new 15" wheels and some beefier tires. We opted to go with 15"s to make things as easy on the engine as possible. In hindsight, maybe the 16"s would have been better because there are more options for heavier duty tires.

MAK01993.jpg MAK01998.jpg MAK02110.jpg

The next task was painting some of the accessories black. That included the sideview mirrors (seen above), and the table leg holder.

MAK02039.jpg MAK02051.jpg MAK02052.jpg MAK02106.jpg
Next was a random smattering of smaller projects. This included finishing the back seats, adding a backsplash to the kitchen, making a paper towel holder, installing the hydraulic arms for the cabinets, and getting a mattress.

MAK02029.jpg MAK02086.jpg MAK02092.jpg MAK02061.jpg MAK02072.jpg MAK02088.jpg MAK02090.jpg MAK02028.jpg MAK01990.jpg
We also focused on adding some trim work around the camper.

MAK02116.jpg MAK02125.jpg MAK02134.jpg MAK02137.jpg MAK02140.jpg MAK02141.jpg

That leaves the cabinets and then the interior is pretty much done. Exterior is also just about done at this point too!

Then it was all hands on deck for getting the drawers for the lower cabinets done. At this time we also installed the faucet. The fridge got 150lb over travel sliders. That way it could come all the way out of its space so that it would be easier to open it.

MAK02077.jpg MAK02080.jpg MAK02102.jpg MAK02105.jpg MAK02147.jpg MAK02149.jpg MAK02336.jpg MAK02100.jpg
I believe you mentioned you were moving on from the Tacoma into another 4 x 4 platform, have you made a decision where you were headed with the next build?
Yes, so this thread is a little (a lot) behind the present day. We lived out of a Tacoma for six months which was amazing but we were looking for a long term rig that would allow us to work from it. We just picked it up from Main Line Overland a week or so ago. It's a Tundra with a flatbed FWC on it. Really happy with it so far.


We'll save the details of this for another thread.
Cool 😎
I think this will be a better fit for you over the sunrader. The 4 x 4 option on the sunrader is a bit misleading, your new rig should take you a lot farther into the areas you want to go, and get you there safer. It’s a pity you spent so much time on the build out on the rader project but you did seem to learn a lot from the process, I know I enjoyed watching you guys do it.
Sometimes you never know you’re headed in the wrong direction Until you choose the path...
Good luck 🍀