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is there anyway to find a pop top or fiberglass raised roof manufacturer ......

Id like to buy either one .....those conversion shops buy them somewhere .....If I could buy one direct ,...
I`m doing all my mods myself .



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Conversion in So Cal?

Can anyone recommend a shop in So Cal that does interior van conversion (e.g. bed, galley, etc.)?


Salem Kroger Sportsmobile

I have a Salem Kroger converted Sportsmobile van. In my experience it's often tough to find folks who'll work on custom vans, so here are two of my favorites in the Bay Area:

4Wheel Parts: http://www.4wheelparts.com/stores/Store-Info.aspx?sNo=12 This is the Oakland store.

They did tremendous work on my front steering, ball joints and brakes. All very tricky.

Any Seven Off-Road: In San Leandro. http://www.any7offroad.com

They are offroad fabricators; more in the Pirate4x4 mold than the Expo Portal mode, but in my mind that's a good thing. They fab'd a front winch mount that went inside my stock Ford bumper; very sweet. They also did a bunch of fab work for me on a Tracker I owned. They've got a good sense of design too, so if you have an idea they'll make it better.

VTE Warehouse: http://www.vtewarehouse.com

These folks make busbars, terminals, battery terminal covers, fuse setups, etc. A great source for electrical components. I used their stuff to fuse and wire up inverters, winches, etc. I got tired of getting ripped out at marine supply places for this stuff; these guys are very efficient and WAY cheaper.

Parts: http://www.pathfinder-vans.com/html/salem_kroger.html

These folks have super hard to find parts for Salem Kroger conversions and Pathfinder conversions. Not a huge selection, but some stuff.

Whitefeather conversions: http://whitefeather4x4conversions.com

Craig, formerly of Salem Kroger, is here. They do Sprinters now, but I did get some Salem Kroger stuff from them. Very nice folks.



I just came across your post. Helpful. I also have a SK Sporty. Curious what you had done as far as the steering. I've broken two steering links (once in the middle of nowhere so now i carry a spare) and am planning on switching to Ujoint Xover steering next year. Was the 4x4 conversion done before or after the Sportsmobile conversion? If before, did you ever switch out the springs afterward? I'm planning on doing that next year as well. Anyway, not totally dialed in on how these forums work or if you'll see this but thought I'd try. Drop me a line if ever in So Cal.


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Can anyone recommend a shop in So Cal that does interior van conversion (e.g. bed, galley, etc.)?
RB Components in Sante Fe Springs, CA. Ask for Ray, tell him Kevin sent you. Ray has built vans for myself and 2 freinds....great to work with and innovative.

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