5 Wheel Drive: Land Rover & KTM tackle the Gaspé Peninsula

Jarek M

We come around the bend and there it is... an old trailer sitting in the middle of the trail. No wheels, up on some stands with full blown hunting camp around it. We come out of the Disco to inspect if there is enough space to squeeze through the encampment to the other side, but this action only produced couple of drunk French only speaking gentleman out of the trailer. After cooling of form the initial shock of visitors they seemed to become completely consumed with the awesomeness of the "pinch to zoom" function of our iPod navigation software displaying satellite picture of our location. Well, after about 10 minutes we sensed that there was no useful information forthcoming, we decided to find another way round. In the end it cost us 35 miles and 3 hours, which oddly enough is what we were short at the end to reach the mid point and realistic goal of this trip. It was awesome!!!


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Haha, thats great. My first irrational thought wouldve been to drive through the trailer. Always wanted to do that.


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This was such a memorable trip report that it keeps popping into my head every once in a while, 6 whole years after i read it