7.3 fuel leak...solved


They plug is too clean to not go to something....

I think white smoke means no fuel, mine did that when the in tank filters plugged up. Part of the reason I tossed the factory system.

Could be just me but I could never get the up pipes sealed after removal, new pipes, new seals, still leaked. Amazon has cheap bellowed pipes for the truck. They do not fit even though i have read many times that they do. If you cut the passenger side in half and clock it over about 5 degrees they work great.


That's what I thought too. Outside of the plug is standard filthy and inside looks clean.

I bought new gaskets and bolts for the up pipes. Once it warmed up it looks like I might have a slight leak on one up pipe. The turbo to downpipe clamp was leaking. Took it off and it looks fine. Tried the tapping while tightening method, sealed up great.


Ok so a couple more minutes of looking and I found it. Plugs in on the back of the HPOP reservoir. And guess what, no more rough running and white smoke!

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BTW, white smoke is un-burnt fuel.
Yeah after reading around that's what I found. Made me a little worried that my fuel pump or fuel bowl had a problem. Or that I screwed something up. Which technically I did. But once I found where that plug went I felt stupid and relieved.


Reminds me of the time I pissed on an electric fence... relieved, then stupid :LOL:

I'm glad you're back on the road, as mine is still apart. Chasing my fuel and oil leaks turned into discovering damaged turbo impeller blades. I'm not sure if I had too much coffee that day or what, but I thought it would be a good idea to install that intercooler that I've always wanted "As long as I'm in there..." :sneaky:


Yeah after all I pulled apart I'm feeling pretty good its all back together and running. Definitely more involved than I hoped. Not sure if I had just tightened the line that was leaking if it would have fixed it. But hey I learned a few things along the way and only busted a couple knuckles.