7 Days and 6 Nights Through New England

My wife's family place is right on Brant Lake - on the "back side" from Rt 8. We spend a lot of time up there. Neat area. Incidentially, it was only about 10 years ago that that bridge over the Hudson was upgraded to 2 lanes.
Must be a cool place! That was a pretty cool area to drive through and see all houses and whatnot along the lake.

Yeah, we stopped and read all the info at the bridge when we were there. It is for sure a cool bridge now, but it would have also been kinda cool to see the original bridge that was there.
Day 7

Alright, now down to the last day of the trip. As I mentioned at the beginning of everything the rough plan for the trip was 8 Days and 7 Nights, staying one night in the Green Mountains on the way home mostly for logistics. By the end of the trip the girlfriend was getting a little antsy and was pushing for heading straight home on the last day.

Since it was pretty dark by time we rolled in the night before, we spent a little time checking out the area before heading out. Aptly named, there was a pretty cool pond/lake at the campground that would have been pretty cool to kayak or canoe on. The campsite was pretty cool since it was about 1,500' feet above the main roads below. There weren't a whole lot of cool views but you could definitely tell you were up there a bit from the temperatures.

Camp in the morning before heading out.

IMG_3011 by ebeiersdorfer, on Flickr

Russell Pond.
IMG_3018-Pano by ebeiersdorfer, on Flickr

Grabbed a picture of the sign on the way out.

IMG_3049 by ebeiersdorfer, on Flickr

Since the trip home was a little more compact than expected we took a few more state routes on the initial leg than planned. Taking Rt 25, Rt 116, Rt 120, Rt 131, and Rt 100 we made it into the Green Mountains. Even with cutting some time out of the trip I did want to see something more than just a state route through the area. Luckily Forest Rd 10 did a decent enough job at getting us through the Green Mountains and also giving some views.

We stopped off at Big Branch, but they had closed the hiking trail that went around the area and it was tough to get any great views.

IMG_3074 by ebeiersdorfer, on Flickr

Bridge on the way out.

IMG_3085 by ebeiersdorfer, on Flickr

The creek.

IMG_3099 by ebeiersdorfer, on Flickr

Out of Forest Rd 10 pretty much left the interesting part of the day done. Hooking up with Rt 7 and making our way South, I did see a sign for an old quarry and went in search for it. I didn't have it premapped out and eventually ended up turning around before we got there after getting some dirty stares, I wasn't entirely sure I was on a public road any more so I decided to play it safe. Pretty much had run out of time at that point and plugged home into the GPS, we took the quickest route to I-90W in Albany. I said it before and I'll say it again, but man that road is not a fun one to drive.

Overall the trip was a ton of fun and I don't feel I did anything too wrong. Knowing what I do now, I would make some improvements but I'm happy overall. The biggest complaint was not having enough time, but what can you do working a nine to five. Now to figure out where to take a big trip next year and pick a few weekends to make it back to the Adirondacks.