72 Bug, Baja for the road


Just picked it up, gonna be my daily driver, and be off road ready at the same time. First step will be brake upgrades then new tires followed by a 22 Gal fuel cell. Other than than I am not sure where this project will end up.
Yep trying to decide what all to get first. Gonna pull it in the shop tonight and start tearing it down to see what I am really needing, but want to go disk brakes all around. Thiking of replacing the floor pans completely and am looking at plasma cutters on ebay now, the cut 50 is prolly what I will go with, no more than I will really use it I figure it should hold up fine.

Wont really know how this is gonna progress till tonight when I have a chane to get into it and take some measurements and pull a few things apart to see how it looks.
Love it! I just helped some friends build a class 11 bug and chased for them at Baja last year. Always had a thing for the baja's.

Wiring looks like a mess but nothing a bluesea fuse block can't fix!

floors that bad ..was it a southern car
It's not terrible but there are spots, it has been patched over kinda halfazz and it just gets under my skin. It was from the coast sorta but over all not a total rust bucket.

Sweet! Ive always wanted a baja too....

And if you want to get really carried away, throw an ecotec in it.. http://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1723405-1970-bug-mid-engine.html
No if i go different motor I would go a modified subaru impreza wrx. But there are plenty of options for upgrades when the time comes.
Looks like you have a pretty good Bug to start with. Here is a little inspiration for you. I've owned my Baja Bug for 34 years and it was completely stock when I got it. Here's a little hint: If you can find a set of VW Thing spindles grab them up and put them on your stock Bug front end for a 3" lift with factory parts.