80 Sereis Flip up rear side windows

@LandCruiserPhil not a problem, I knew you were getting a new batch made. quality like these are worth the wait.

To all others, Ive seen these in person and they are excellent quality. I thought for a while that I didnt need these since we have back hatch access, but once i used one in person, I realized that with a dual swingout and the upper and lower hatch, these are worth their weight in gold for convenience and time savings. Its so nice to be able to just pop them open in 2 sec and grab what you need.

I have a 45qt fridge slide mounted on the passenger side and the 8inches of space between the fridge and 3rd window is completely useless right now, once I get these gullwings installed I plan on building a tray there that will hold my medical supplies, tire-inflator, and winch gear bag. The drivers side is for general access to cargo bay and the dog.

Pictures to come when installed.