'80 Series Transmission Coolant Line

So I got my 80 running again earlier this year and not too long after I had to park it... My exhaust in front of my catalytic converter was rusted through so the front half of my catalytic converter was hanging down. I managed to go over a big mound of dirt and the front of my CC hit it and shunted the back of it into the transmission coolant line above it and busted the line. I haven't driven it since due to the fact that I have no tranny coolant. Is that an easy fix or should I take it somewhere? If it's something that's not too hard, does anyone have a link to where I can order one? Thanks in advance!
on my 1993 80 series the only coolant lines above the catalytic converter are for the rear heater. It's relatively easy to bypass those should you need to, google will be your friend for that.
Green I think. I am going to feel pretty stupid if it was still driveable. My mechanic friend said he thought it was a tranny coolant line. It leaked out all night though