91 LWB Lq4 5.3 swap

Firstly I'll introduce the truck, she's a 1991 LWB Montero with a 3.0 and 5spd. Love the Mitsu 3.0, has some power and has been reliable.

After recently taking the 1600mi round trip journey to Overland Expo East, I came to the realisation that she needed an upgrade. After some research i noticed that a v8 should fit fairly nicely. So in my search I came across a killer deal on a 2001 suburban.

I'm going to be using the entire drivetrain from the burban, 5.3 4l60 and electronic tcase.

Here's the factory engine bay

Old drivetrain coming out

Old dirty engine bay

New motor going in for a test fit

>>>> bad photo <<<<

Here's exactly how it's going to sit. Slightly offset toward the passenger side (for clearance with the p/s pump shield)and slightly tilted back (to lessen the pinion angle a little)

I'll add a ton more pics in the next couple days.
You will notice the clearance is awesome on each side. Manifolds can be installed from the top or bottom. I'm waiting on the headers but they should be the same.
so... the nomenclature confuses... what is an lq 4 more specificaly is it aluminum car engine?
this is interesting 4 sure

i began researching gm's engine families, it got confusing very quickly . i am seeing i could go this way but weight and balance concern me. of course having no idea what my 3.0 weighs right now im just piddling in the breeze until i can nail down some real numbers. and where does that weight sit on the front axle is important.

guess i shoould sit down, shut up untill class is dismissed and you have finished with this .


Monterror Pilot
So it fits, but are you sure it is good to go for maintenance? It would suck to learn that something simple like an alternator or sensor or something can't be accessed or that you just can't get the right angle on a bolt somewhere......
So the motors go as follows:
LS1 - 5.7 aluminum block, aluminum heads,car intake and accessory drive

LQ9 - 6.0 iron block, aluminum heads, truck intake and accessory drive

LQ4 - 5.3 iron block, aluminum heads, truck intake and accessory drive

There are also drive by wire and Drive by cable variations. I went with the Drive by cable to simplify the whole thing.

There are about a million more but for the sake of time I just said these. The reason I went with the heavier iron block is because of price and durability.

I will still make North of 300HP and almost the same in TQ, all while maintaining fuel mileage in the mid to high 20s.

As far as sensors go, every single thing is easily accessible. This includes rear intake manifold bolts, exhaust manifold bolts, rear oil sensor, and all transmission bolts.

Our trans tunnel is shaped kind if oddly, the beginning at the firewall is super wide and makes things a little easier.
What about using a manual trans? Is there space and a combination of transmission and transfer case to use? Just asking to see all possibilities that can be available for the Gen 1.
Yessir, my original plan was an nv3500 and np241 case.

I'm holding off to see how I like the auto, and like I said my wife can now drive it more comfortably