'94 Toyota Pickup build

Man that's a ripping deal.

Count the teeth on the ring and pinion gears for a sure way to know it's actually 4.88. I wasn't even aware that there was any data stamped on the gears themselves- and to my knowledge there was never any stock 4.60 toyota gears. That diff you have could very well be 4.88.
Hate that im doing this, but the nest is for sale. I've been accepted into school in Illinois starting this fall. I cant see myself camping much, and it will be a pain to take it cross country. See the link below, and spread the word. Thanks guys!

I spent my younger days up in Missouri and spent time climbing and hiking and riding in southeast Missouri, southern Illinois. There's plenty to do in the Midwest, don't be too hasty and do something you'll regret!
I guess I didn't mean there isn't ANYTHING to do in Illinois. I grew up there as well and places like starved rock are beautiful, however, starved rock pales in comparison to setting up in the Cascades or in the Olympic range. I just don't see my self utilizing the nest for any kind of extended trip while going to school. When school wraps up in 2020, Im pretty sure i've got my wife sold on a 4WC.
given the amount of work you've put into this... and more importantly how rare they have become... I'd highly recommend keeping it if possible
I regretted selling my first Wildernest, took me 5 years to find another. (albeit my current one is in much better shape, and came with all the options) If it were me, think I would find a place to store it while away at school.

(on a side note) Dave in Denver just needs to sell his 2nd gen and find another HiLux.... ;) :)

OP: Great truck! One of my favorite colors too.
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Makes me think there was money left on the table. Oh well, I think it was a fair price and I know its going to get some use out there so I'm happy.
Probably...but that is how it goes. Some things I make money on, others I loose my shirt. When I sold my VW, I doubled my money, which I thought was great...they are now are quadrupled in price. Oh well...money comes, money goes (it mostly goes ;) )
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