96' Ford 7.3 diesel 4x4 with Lazy daze Camper ..opinion on value

I'm trying again to get a reasonable value on this rig, its my dads ( he is 91) and its been his pride and joy. Dad cant drive anymore. It is a one owner truck and camper. Its in great condition although the camper is dated and need attention.. its a dependable working unit. The F350 is a 1996 7.3 diesel one ton 4x4 and has 99k on the odometer.
Just wondering what to ask for the rig. We are in Utah near SLC and it needs to go. It has been stored inside all winters and when not in use. It has not traveled more that 55 miles in the last 2 years. I keep it in running condition for him and put new 16" wheels and tires on it .
anyway give me your thoughts on what one might ask for this. Its an oldie but a goody!!

opinions appreciated.

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I have no idea what the camper is worth but will say that in So Cal Lazy Daze is well respected for their Class C motorhomes around here. You might consider giving the factory a call for assistance. Good luck with the sale and don't be afraid to “cast a wide net” when you finally list it for sale. :sombrero:
I would think any solid truck camper would be worth a minimum of 3-4k. Since it has been stored inside, it probably has not leaked and is not dry rotted (both of those conditions is what sinks them). My question about the camper is "where are the jacks"? Does it come off the truck, or is it like a Lazy Daze Class C? The truck should bring 4k pretty easily and you may find someone from the upper Midwest, Rust Belt, etc. who would appreciate having the "Rust Free" version of the truck they used to have. They might give 6k for it? Some guys love those old 7.3. I had several of them. You never know until you try. You might try advertise the truck on TheDieselStop website. When I had 7.3's, was on there quite a bit. On that site, I sold my last 1986 F250 Ext. Cab 4X4 XLT Lariat with a 7.3 to a guy who flew all the way from Florida. That was 11 years ago and I got $4,500 for that truck if memory serves me. That was a nice truck, but the 2006 Dodge with the 5.9 has 2X the power and 3X the braking ability.

So, with that as my opinion, (you know what they say about opinions) I will give you $1,400 for the whole works, as is, where is:sombrero:
The truck alone is $10 low $15 high. Nice truck!
The camper? Old campers, even nice ones are a tough sell over a couple grand.
I'd separate them . The truck will sell instantly without the camper. Then sell the camper cheap.